Cardinals vs Brewers – Jugs In The Infield

Last night, as the camera zoomed in tight on Matt Carpenter in the first inning of the Cardinals vs Brewers game, I found my eyes not drawn to the scrappy, doubles-hitting utility man, but to two mysterious orbs floating just behind his head.

I was quickly informed by my esteemed colleagues that those orbs are not an uncommon site at Milwaukee games. They belong to a woman who goes by the name Front Row Amy. Oh and her real name is Amy Williams.

Jokes were made, such as:

Those things probably cost as much as those seats.

But it also sparked a debate. What was her end game? Is she driving traffic to her own blog?  From my exhaustive* research it seems that, aside from a decent Twitter following and a sparsely updated blog, she’s just a Brewers fan who likes to score** the game and has a penchant for low cut tops.

front-row-amy-knockoffShe has apparently been around awhile, and knowing how the camera crew tends to focus on any lady in the crowd, I don’t know how I was oblivious to this throughout the last 2 seasons. She’s even gotten big enough to inspire knockoffs.

Now if Boggs just had some cleavage to distract hitters from the softballs he’s lobbing up there nightly. I guess last night was an improvement. He came in during the 7th and walked 2 while getting no outs. He did walk in a run, but it was charged to Kelly, so it will go against his ,also awful, ERA.

Oh yeah, this is suppose to be about the upcoming Cardinals vs Brewers series. Well, the Brewers are on a 12-4 run since avoiding the sweep in St. Louis in extra innings earlier in the season. There’s also the well-documented repeated bombing of the Cardinals bullpen, which continued last night. So watch for that.

*10ish minutes of Googling.

**With a scorecard you pervs.