Game 002 – Oscar Debatin’

The PineCast is back live from the sidelines of the internet with the third episode in the illustrious series.

Steve, David, and Jason cover what’s going on with Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright flying back to St. Louis only a few days into Spring Training, Yadier Molina’s 15-20 pound weight loss, Pete Kozma strapping on the catching gear, and Ken Rosenthal explains to us what “long toss” is. Am I saying that right? The recently aired Oscars. Where Birdman cleaned up. The great Parks and Recreation coming to an end. The Blues recent slide-ish thing. And what the San Diego / Oakland announcement means for the Rams staying in St. Louis. And of course our weekly Bachelor recap. Shit’s getting crazy!

Grab some pine and listen up!

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