Happy Hollidays from The PineCast

The PineCast is taking a brief hiatus over the holidays. We’re going to take some time to reflect, hike the Himalayas, and really find ourselves as podcasters. We hope to come back with a new zen like podcast where we don’t shout #FuckKroenke over each other.

Just kidding we’re going to sit around the Christmas tree, drink beer, eat ham, and get rid of our Heyward shirseys in our office Secret Santa. Ha! Take that Ward! Stupid f#[email protected] Cubs.

We’ll still be making our NFL picks this week though. We wouldn’t want you to run up debt to your bookies over the holiday weekend. And we have been white hot lately. We’re 17-7 as a group the last two weeks. With Jason1 leading the way at 7-1.

On to the picks!


St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

The Rams haven’t gone into Seattle and won in the regular season2 since 2004 when Marc Bulger hit Shaun McDonald for a 52 yard TD in overtime after a big comeback. So basically, they’re due. With back-to-back wins after a 5 game losing streak I’ve drank the Rams kool-aid again. Mostly because Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley are beasts. Plus Steven Jackson is finally going to get to play in the playoffs3. Might as well snap the Seattle losing streak as well.

Pick: St. Louis Rams

Game of the Week: Green Bay Packers @ Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are flying high and looking to clinch a first round bye. The Packers need to win out and have the Cardinals lose out in order to get a bye for themselves. This would be a good start for the Pack, but it’s not going to happen.

Pick: Arizona Cardinals

Stone Cold Lock: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens

I’ve been saying for the last two weeks that if the Steelers can edge into the playoffs I seem them making a run to the Super Bowl4. Now that they’ve edged past the New York Jets for the final wild card spot, it’s time to put that in writing. Especially with matchups against the Ravens and Browns, while the Jets go up against the Patriots and Bills.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

Upset: Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I went with Winston over Cutler in the first round of my fantasy playoffs, and lost because of it. Can’t go against Jay Cutty again.

Pick: Chicago Bears


St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

Tough to go against the way Russell Wilson is playing right now, especially on his home field. I will gladly get this one wrong though if it happens though.

Pick: Seattle Seahawks

Game of the Week: Green Bay Packers @ Arizona Cardinals

I don’t think GB’s defense can keep up with ARI’s offense, it will definitely be a shootout though with ARI’s secondary missing Tyrann Mathieu’s versatility on defense.

Pick: Arizona Cardinals

Stone Cold Lock: Jacksonville Jaguars @ New Orleans Saints

Two words: Blake Bortles. Or three words: No Drew Brees.

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars

Upset: New England Patriots @ New York Jets

Do you believe in Fitz-magic? Because I do.

Pick: New York Jets


St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

I don’t see the Rams winning on the road here.

Pick: Seattle Seahawks

Game of the Week: Green Bay Packers @ Arizona Cardinals

Going with Rodgahs in this one.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

Stone Cold Lock: Cincinnati Bengals @ Denver Broncos

Going with Denver at home in this one.

Pick: Denver Broncos

Upset: New England Patriots @ New York Jets

F*ck the Pats.

Pick: New York Jets


The World of Chemistry Theme provided by Paul Brier at Notegun music.

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  1. Not sure about writing about myself in the third-person. Seems weird.
  2. They also beat Seattle in Seattle in the playoffs that year.
  3. Even if it is with the Patriots.
  4. Cardinals vs. Steelers rematch anyone?