PineCast: Week 17 NFL Picks

We’re taking another week for the PineCast to ring in the New Year. In case you missed it we helped you Better Know the newest Cardinal, Mike Leake. The Rams decided to quit derping just in time to have no shot at playoff consideration and the Blues had a 9 round shootout.

Since we’ll be nursing the first hangover of the year this weekend we wanted to get our picks in for the final week of the NFL regular season.

First a recap of last week’s picks. Jason continued his hot streak improving to 10-2 over the last 3 weeks. Which was preceded by a perfect 0-4 week leaving him 1 up on Steve. David meanwhile finished 2-2 to fall 2 games off the lead.


St. Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

The Rams really know how to frustrate a fan base. 5 game losing streak to knock yourselves out of playoff consideration? Now let’s cap a 3 game winning streak by going into Seattle and winning for the first time since 2004. A Seattle team that many people were picturing in the Super Bowl for a third straight year. So wouldn’t it just be the most Ram thing to go into San Fran and get beat by 30? I can’t see this D losing to Blaine Gabbert though. At least 8-8 isn’t a losing record.

Pick: St. Louis Rams

GOW: Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

The Vikings could snatch the division from the Packers. Or they could lose and be right back at Lambeau next week. I’m going with Rodgers at home despite how bad their offense has been spinning their wheels.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

Upset: New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills

Do you believe in Fitzmagic? I don’t. Really I just need the Bills to win to make last weeks pumping up of the Steelers work out. Fitzpatrick seems like a swell guy though.

Pick: Buffalo Bills

Lock: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns

Because I really don’t trust Johnny Manziel to keep up with the Steelers offense. Plus is his New Year’s Eve hangover should be epic.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers


St. Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

I’m gonna go with the Rams to unbelievably finish the year on a 4 game winning streak. I’m pretty sure they were just a decent team in the disguise of a shitty team for the few weeks before that. If only we could have beaten the Packers or Vikings…

Pick: St. Louis Rams

GOW: Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

I’m gonna take the packers since I was a genius and picked them last week

Pick: Green Bay Packers

Upset: Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs

Raiders over the Chiefs. Only because the Chiefs will have everything pretty much locked up.

Pick: Oakland Raiders

Lock: Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants

Giants over the Eagles because Sammy B. will play the Rams in London next year. Just how the good lord intended.

Pick: New York Giants


St. Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

Division game? No problem. Plus might as well top off this mediocre season with winning their last 4 after losing 5 straight.

Pick: St. Louis Rams

GOW: Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

Going with confident youth to win in Lambeau over a defense (well and offense) that looked bad against Arizona last week.

Pick: Minnesota Vikings

Upset: Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals

Just for the hell of it. Maybe AJ McCarron will suck.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens

Lock: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers

If the Rams can beat TB, then I have no doubt that CAR can too.

Pick: Carolina Panthers


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