Cortland Finnegan Doesn’t Seem To Like Craig Dahl

I have no idea why the San Francisco 49ers signed Craig Dahl this past offseason. He’s the Aaron Miles of the St. Louis Rams, minus the redeeming bad-ass story about fighting off an armed burglar in a hostage situation.

My only thought is a drunken, post-Super Bowl John Harbaugh told 49ers GM Trent Baalke, “Dahl is the missing piece.” And Baalke who is either terrible at reading sarcasm or just terrified of this guy, signed Dahl as soon as he was available.

Well, it looks like the answer might be that Dahl was brought on solely to spill the Rams secrets, and Cortland Finnegan was none to pleased. Continue reading “Cortland Finnegan Doesn’t Seem To Like Craig Dahl”