Game 037: Cookin’ with Mo

The hot stove is heating up in the MLB with some big names coming off the market. Now the Mozeliak and the St. Louis Cardinals have cooked up their first big move trading Jon Jay to the San Diego Padres for Jedd Gyorko. We’ll break the trade down and let you know what other moves to watch out for in the coming weeks on the newest podcast. We’ll also take a look at new the new deals for Zack Greinke, Ben Zobrist, and say goodbye to John Lackey1. And the news of Shelby Miller being traded to the Diamondbacks from the Braves broke during the recording so we’ll touch on that as well. Plus we’ve got our first listener questions!

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Better Know a Cardinal – Jason Heyward

Earlier this week we guided you on where to find your favorite Cardinals on Twitter. Now we’ll be introducing you to some of the newer or lesser known players to wear the Birds on the Bat in our Better Know a Cardinal series. We’re going to kick things off with probably the biggest acquisition of the offseason. Continue reading “Better Know a Cardinal – Jason Heyward”