The Case for Matt Carpenter as MVP

After a 2012 that saw Carpenter bat .294 over 114 games, Cardinals fans were left wondering what he could accomplish with a starting dose of at-bats. In the offseason, the Cardinals parted ways with fan favorite Skip Schumaker, and Matt Carpenter was given the chance to make the switch from third to second base over spring training. Carp was able to do enough with the glove to warrant a starting position and more than enough with the bat to make fans forget about Skip Schumaker.

It’s hard to see Matt Carpenter taking the MVP with star power like Andrew McCutcheon, Joey Votto, and Clayton Kershaw leading the way, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve it.  Don’t get me wrong, those guys have the stats too, but here’s five reasons Matt Carpenter has a shot to win the National League Most Valuable Player.

He can score runs

Carpenter is leading the Majors in runs scored at 119. That’s 11 up on Mike Trout in second with 108, and 10 behind Trout’s league lead from 2012. He’s projected for 127. Which should be more than enough to lead the league. His ability to score has been a huge asset for the Cardinals this season. Which brings me to our next point. Continue reading “The Case for Matt Carpenter as MVP”