Game 013 – Taxi 2: Deflategate

Mad Men Series Finale spoilers start at 9 minutes and ends at 15:30.

The PineCast is back after our first bye week of the season. We’ve got out first listener mail bag, exclusive first tweets from Obama’s new Twitter, and plenty of views on the Mad Men series finale. That’s just the first 15 minutes too. We’ve got plenty of Birds info to talk about, and we even talk about the NBA playoffs. Crazy, right? Plus we finally get to make all of these ball jokes we’ve been sitting on. Grab some pine and get ready for The PineCast.

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Game 011 – Birds Trippin’

After a road trip to follow the Birds up north, the guys return to the PineCast relatively healthy after nursing their hangovers with rest and a return trip to Busch Stadium. Though the same can’t be said for the Cardinals after losing ace Adam Wainwright to a torn achilles, or the Blues playoff hopes after that turd of a postseason run. Grab some pine and join us for the latest episode of The PineCast!


Game 010 – Jurassic Fart – The Butt Awakens

On this week’s episode of The PineCast, Steve, Jason, and David cover the hot summer teaser trailer releases of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Batman vs. Superman, and Jurassic World. But don’t fret, we’ve also got plenty of coverage on the Cardinals 5 game winning streak, what’s going on between Kansas City and Oakland, the curse filled tirade by Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Pryce1, how the Blues can right the ship in Game 4 of the playoffs. Grab some pine and listen up! Continue reading “Game 010 – Jurassic Fart – The Butt Awakens”


Game 009 – Double Digits

We’ve recorded The PineCast 10 times. But we’re on episode 009 because the first was Spring Training. It doesn’t count.

We’ve got a lot in store this week. Steve and Jason were at the St. Louis Cardinals home opener this past Monday and lived to tell the tale. The guys prep you on the upcoming St. Louis Blues vs. Minnesota Wild playoff game starting this Thursday. Finally, David pits Steve and Jason against each other in another edition of “Who’s the Better Brother”.


Game 008 – Let’s Hear It For The Boys

The PineCast is coming at you early this week because the boys were just too excited to hold on now that baseball season has started. Steve, Jason, David, and Clayton break down the Cardinals season opening win against the Cubs and the Blues completing the St. Louis sweep in Chicago on Sunday night.

Then we’ve got our annual MLB preview where we pick the winners of each division and tell you who will walk away with the hotly contested wild card spots.

Grab some pine and join us on this episode of The PineCast!