Game 064: The Podcast About Nothing

On the latest episode of the PineCast we discuss the Little Big League balk that wasn’t called, the benefits of throwing your glove at a batted ball, and make up some new rules to make baseball fun again.

We haven’t purged all of our audio demons yet. We tried going back to remove what we could in post, and salvage coherent thoughts. Hopefully this little episode has finally helped us debug the new recording laptop. There’s some echo from about 11:30 to 26:00. Then it’s clear until the last 5 or so minutes of the episode. Sorry about that. Tried to upgrade the equipment and it works worse than the old stuff.


A Beautiful Lineup

After Jaime Garcia’s latest debacle of a start we’re really questioning where exactly Matheny is getting some of his ideas for the rotation and lineup. We also have another installment of Where in the World is Vladimir Sobotka. And our always stellar NFL picks. If you picked against us these first few weeks you can probably buy a yacht now. And not one of those small fake ones. I’m talking about a yacht Beyoncé could jump off of while Jay Z pulls up in a smaller boat to take a pick.


No Givesies Backsies

Did you guys watch that debacle in San Francisco last night? We did. And you know what LA? You can keep the Rams. They’re all yours. Meanwhile back in St. Louis the Cardinals nearly avoided being no-hit at home and need to win some games to regain control of a wild card spot.

Update: Sorry for the audio issues. We’re working out some issues with a new setup and our mic is possibly dying.


Game 053: We’re Back!

It’s been a long and lonely road, but we’re back. We didn’t post a new podcast through the whole St. Louis Blues vs Dallas Stars series, partly out of fear of the jinx, partly out of laziness. But the Conference Finals are tied 1-1 and the Blues need the PineCast bump.

The St. Louis Cardinals are also sticking around .500, but we think they’ve got a few more winning streaks in them that losing streaks. Grab some (ear)buds and prepare yourself for a brand new episode of the PineCast!


Game 051: I Like High Fives

The PineCast is finally back. We’ve nursed our opening day hangovers and watched the Cardinals go from offensive shit-show to offensive powerhouse back to shit-show. But the Blues are up 3-1 so we’re giving out plenty of high fives.

Grab some earbuds and join us for the best St. Louis sports podcast run out of a kitchen in the suburbs in baseball.


Game 048: Feel the Birds

On this episode of the PineCast we break down our March Madness brackets which are more like March…What the Hell Were We Thinking Brackets. Don’t worry there’s no jokes as awful as that one in this podcast. But there is plenty of breakdown on the St. Louis Cardinals shortstop situation as well our thoughts on Aledmys Diaz being sent down to Memphis. Continue reading “Game 048: Feel the Birds”


Game 046: Rocket League Hiatus

We’re back after taking a week off to get really good at Rocket League in preparation for our third careers. Right behind podcasters. While we were gone the St. Louis Cardinals started Spring Training and the St. Louis Blues won, lost, and won again. Continue reading “Game 046: Rocket League Hiatus”


Game 045: Case o’ the Loopas

With David on the DL with a case of fatherly duties it is down to Jason and Steve to try the Donald Trump approved1 Taco Bell Quesalupa. And we close out the All 2000s St. Louis Cardinals team by making our picks for closer. Fitting isn’t it? Grab some buds and listen up to the best podcast in St. Louis sports regularly done by 3 guys in a dining room.