Game 050: Sliding Into Depression

The PineCast is back and, by popular demand, we are again joined by Tim! And with that brings Tim’s thoughts on North Carolina’s loss to Villanova in the NCAA Championship. Plus we’re all mourning the St. Louis Cardinals 0-3 start. But all is not lost. The St. Louis Blues are tied for first in the conference with 2 games to go. Probably 1 by the time you listen to this, but whatevs. Grab some ear buds and get ready for the podcast once described as, “I listen to the first 10 minutes.” Continue reading “Game 050: Sliding Into Depression”


Game 049: The Birds and The Bees

It’s a very special edition of the podcast. Joe and Tim are in studio to share their picks for the MLB division winners. The St. Louis Cardinals start the season in less than a week. And the St. Louis Blues are shutting everyone down. You’re not going to find a more accurate MLB season preview. So grab some earbuds and listen up.

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Game 048: Feel the Birds

On this episode of the PineCast we break down our March Madness brackets which are more like March…What the Hell Were We Thinking Brackets. Don’t worry there’s no jokes as awful as that one in this podcast. But there is plenty of breakdown on the St. Louis Cardinals shortstop situation as well our thoughts on Aledmys Diaz being sent down to Memphis. Continue reading “Game 048: Feel the Birds”


Game 047: Happy Stone Cold Month

It’s 3/16. That means it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin month! Celebrate with an all new podcast. Steve, Jason, and David are back at it breaking down the news so far out of Spring Training for the St. Louis Cardinals and the one game the St. Louis Blues have played since the break. Will the rest do them well going into a big 3 games against Chicago, Anaheim, and Dallas? Find out on the newest episode of The PineCast! Continue reading “Game 047: Happy Stone Cold Month”


Game 046: Rocket League Hiatus

We’re back after taking a week off to get really good at Rocket League in preparation for our third careers. Right behind podcasters. While we were gone the St. Louis Cardinals started Spring Training and the St. Louis Blues won, lost, and won again. Continue reading “Game 046: Rocket League Hiatus”


Game 045: Case o’ the Loopas

With David on the DL with a case of fatherly duties it is down to Jason and Steve to try the Donald Trump approved1 Taco Bell Quesalupa. And we close out the All 2000s St. Louis Cardinals team by making our picks for closer. Fitting isn’t it? Grab some buds and listen up to the best podcast in St. Louis sports regularly done by 3 guys in a dining room.


Game 044: Talking Smart Things

The PineCast is one year old! We’ve been doing this little shindig for fun one most weeks for the last year. We’ve gotten much better over time. So good in fact we didn’t even bother putting together notes for this episode!

On the latest podcast the guys break down the Super Bowl and its commercials. Or at least what they remember from it. Listen as they piece together the events that led to Peyton Manning kissing Papa John and talking about downing Diesels from a booze soaked haze.

We also reveal our picks for starting pitchers on our All 2000s St. Louis Cardinals team. Which just leaves one more episode to round things out with closer.

You have to listen. It’s our birthday!



Game 042: The Pine Files

This week we finish off the outfield of our All 2ooos St. Louis Cardinals team with our pick for rightfield. And we finally have a non-unanimous number 1!

The NFL and NHL are on their All Star weeks. But we’ve still got some first thoughts on the Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers Super Bowl matchup. I think we probably only complain about Stan Kroenke once in this episode. So that’s progress! Grab some earbuds and prepare yourself for the best podcast in St. Louis sports1.

The PineCast is out there.


Game 041: Grumpy Old Birds

On this very special episode of The PineCast Steve and Jason are running as a duo again and they are even less prepared than usual. That means lots of pop culture, a little Bachelor, updates on the Cardinals news out of Winter Warm Up, and more complaining about Stan Kroenke.

But that’s not all. We’ve also got NFL picks for Championship Sunday, and some breakdowns from the NFL games from the weekend. Including the Packers vs Cardinals finish.

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Game 034: Keenum is on the Case

Catch an all-new podcast where we break down the St. Louis Rams decision to bench Nick Foles and open the file on Case Keenum. We’ve also got our pick for catcher on the St. Louis Cardinals All 21st Century team. Spoiler alert. He just won another platinum glove. It’s Yadi. Plus we introduce David’s NBA minute and dive into the St. Louis Blues recent swoon. Grab some Beats by Dre because we’ve got the audio quality working back in full swing on the newest episode of The PineCast.

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