Game 024 – What About Koz?

The whole podcast crew is finally back together. Steve and Jason talk about their recent trip to the Oddball Comedy Festival in Chicago and random movies they’ve watched. But don’t worry there is still plenty of St. Louis sports coverage. We’ll break down the Cardinals winning road trip and how well we predicted the current playoff picture before the season. Then we’ll break down the St. Louis Rams after their third preseason game and tell you what to expect from the Wide Receivers and Secondary this season. All that and more on The PineCast.


Game 023 – Injury Prone

We’re back with an all new podcast after a one week hiatus, but we’re still without David as he continues his quest to become a bowling champion. So it’s up to Steve and Jason to bring you all the Cardinals and Rams news. We’ll discuss the Cardinals recent spat of injuries and delve into whether or not we’re heading for another season of the “same old” Rams. All that and more on the PineCast.


Game 022 – We’re Talkin’ Softball

On our latest podcast we’re talking the Cardinals hitting 30 games over .500 for the fist time this season and other news and notes from around the MLB. Want to know where the Rams coaches rank on a scale of Spagnuolo to Vermeil? We’ll tell you. We’re down to number 1 on the Greatest Fictional Sports Team of All-Time list, so grab some headphones and get ready for a new episode of The PineCast!


Game 021 – Trading Places

Correction: Eric Ludwick is Ryan Ludwick’s brother. Dropped the ball on the research for that one.

On the newest episode of The PineCast we break down the whirlwind trades happening as the MLB trade deadline approached, including the deal that landed Brandon Moss on the St. Louis Cardinals. We’ve also got the number 2 team on our Greatest Fictional Sports Team Of All-Time list. Finally, we’ll break down the St. Louis Rams defensive line going into the upcoming season. Pop in some earbuds and grab a Diesel because this is one hell of a podcast.


Game 020 – Meatballs

The St. Louis Cardinals are calling up Stephen Piscotty so of course he needs his official PineCast nickname. We’ll recap the Cardinals first series post All-Star break, break down the St. Louis Rams Quarterback position heading into the season, and tell you how many goals Tarasenko will score for the Blues next season. So grab some pine and start the podcast!


Game 016 – The Birds Net: John Mozeliak: Shadow Recruit

We’re back! After a brief break for Jason to become more cultured and Steve and David to do god knows what, the PineCast is back on the mound. A lot went down while we were off the air. The Cardinals could be full of blackhat hackers, Game of Thrones continued to be a crowd pleaser, the Royals took over the All Star vote, and we’ve got our first Douches of the Week. Catch it all on the newest podcast from View From The Pine.


Game 013 – Taxi 2: Deflategate

Mad Men Series Finale spoilers start at 9 minutes and ends at 15:30.

The PineCast is back after our first bye week of the season. We’ve got out first listener mail bag, exclusive first tweets from Obama’s new Twitter, and plenty of views on the Mad Men series finale. That’s just the first 15 minutes too. We’ve got plenty of Birds info to talk about, and we even talk about the NBA playoffs. Crazy, right? Plus we finally get to make all of these ball jokes we’ve been sitting on. Grab some pine and get ready for The PineCast.

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Game 012 – The Wonginator

The PineCast is back with all the hot takes you can handle. We’ve got the Birds sweeping the Pirates with 3 walk offs in a row. The Rams drafting up a massive amount of man meat in the 2015 NFL draft. Plus plenty of puns as usual. Oh, and don’t worry we saw The Avengers. So grab some pine and get ready for the newest episode of The PineCast.

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Game 011 – Birds Trippin’

After a road trip to follow the Birds up north, the guys return to the PineCast relatively healthy after nursing their hangovers with rest and a return trip to Busch Stadium. Though the same can’t be said for the Cardinals after losing ace Adam Wainwright to a torn achilles, or the Blues playoff hopes after that turd of a postseason run. Grab some pine and join us for the latest episode of The PineCast!


Game 007 – Super Koz

In the latest episode of The PineCast, Steve, Jason, and David are joined by their first ever in studio guest, Clayton!

The guys discuss going to the doctor as a young adult, the Birds finalizing their 25 man opening day roster, the Blues in the midst of their annual end of the season skid, the Rams QB plans for the future, whether there’s anything to care about in the Final Four, and, of course, The Rock.

Join us for another episode of The PineCast!

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