Game 053: We’re Back!

It’s been a long and lonely road, but we’re back. We didn’t post a new podcast through the whole St. Louis Blues vs Dallas Stars series, partly out of fear of the jinx, partly out of laziness. But the Conference Finals are tied 1-1 and the Blues need the PineCast bump.

The St. Louis Cardinals are also sticking around .500, but we think they’ve got a few more winning streaks in them that losing streaks. Grab some (ear)buds and prepare yourself for a brand new episode of the PineCast!


Game 050: Sliding Into Depression

The PineCast is back and, by popular demand, we are again joined by Tim! And with that brings Tim’s thoughts on North Carolina’s loss to Villanova in the NCAA Championship. Plus we’re all mourning the St. Louis Cardinals 0-3 start. But all is not lost. The St. Louis Blues are tied for first in the conference with 2 games to go. Probably 1 by the time you listen to this, but whatevs. Grab some ear buds and get ready for the podcast once described as, “I listen to the first 10 minutes.” Continue reading “Game 050: Sliding Into Depression”


Game 041: Grumpy Old Birds

On this very special episode of The PineCast Steve and Jason are running as a duo again and they are even less prepared than usual. That means lots of pop culture, a little Bachelor, updates on the Cardinals news out of Winter Warm Up, and more complaining about Stan Kroenke.

But that’s not all. We’ve also got NFL picks for Championship Sunday, and some breakdowns from the NFL games from the weekend. Including the Packers vs Cardinals finish.

Continue reading “Game 041: Grumpy Old Birds”


Game 026 – The Longest Yard

We’re back with an all new podcast, and we’re celebrating the St. Louis Rams opening day victory against the Seattle Seahawks. Plus the St. Louis Cardinals are back to their winning ways and are getting healthier, with Jumbo Pepsi returning to the lineup and hitting a Matt Adams Bomb over the weekend. That and more NFL picks on the newest episode of The PineCast.


Game 025 – Ramming Speed

This is our final podcast…before the NFL season begins. So we’ve got lots of NFL talk. We break down the Rams o-line, and make picks for the locks, upsets, and Rams of week one. Raaaaandy is hitting pinch hit bombs and I really thought he was going to hit two in the same inning to give the Birds the lead. We’ve got plenty of great St. Louis sports talk for you on the newest episode of The PineCast.


Game 022 – We’re Talkin’ Softball

On our latest podcast we’re talking the Cardinals hitting 30 games over .500 for the fist time this season and other news and notes from around the MLB. Want to know where the Rams coaches rank on a scale of Spagnuolo to Vermeil? We’ll tell you. We’re down to number 1 on the Greatest Fictional Sports Team of All-Time list, so grab some headphones and get ready for a new episode of The PineCast!