Game 005 – Bacon Wrapped Edition

Welcome back to another enthralling episode of The PineCast. As March Madness approaches we give you the hottest tips on who is poised to make a run deep into the tourney after pouring minutes over our brackets.

We go in depth on the biggest battles as the Cardinals enter their 3rd-ish week in Spring Training. Jason continues to pitch the 6-man rotation much to the chagrin of Steve and David.

We’ve also got plenty of coverage on the Rams and their two Nicks with the signing of Nick Fairley.

Finally we’ve got the first edition of Who’s the Better Brother trivia question where David pits Steve and Jason in a battle of who knows the most about sports movies.

Will the we survive our battle with Little Caesars’ Bacon Wrapped Deep Dish pizza? Find out now on a fresh new episode of The PineCast.

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