Blues Slapshot: Those Damn Twins

This will be quick, unlike what last night’s game felt like. But hey, at least they got a point right?

Game 4 of 82: Blues lose 2-1 over Canucks in OT

Goal: Tarasenko (4)

Welp, its official. Tarasenko has the filthiest wrister in the league. He made it 1-0 halfway through the 2nd period.

Then the Canucks tied it up with 3 mins left in the 3rd period on a rebound left in front of the net after a shot from the point.

Lastly, in overtime, a tic-tac-toe series with those damn Sedin twins and some other dude1 led to the game winning goal.

Told you this would be quick. I’m done.

Quick Hits

  • Tarasenko is tied for 1st in the NHL in goals (4).
  • Probably should have just named this section “Quick Hit” this time.2

GIF of the Game

Like the positivity there, Rob and the GIF itself was my exact thoughts milliseconds as the game ended.

Up Next

The Canadian road trip continues Thursday when the Blues faceoff against the Edmonton Oilers.

The Oilers offense is 2nd in the league in goals scored per game at 4.25, however, their schedule so far has been against teams that haven’t been great in recent years. The Blues are 5th in the league in goals against at 2 per game. Yakupov returns to Edmonton not even two weeks after being traded to the Blues.

Bold Prediction: Yakupov scores.

Not so Bold Prediction: Yakupov gets booed.

The Blues get back on track with this one, winning 5-2.

  1. Too tired to look up his name.
  2. Too lazy to go back, yet not lazy enough to make this popup.


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