South Carolina Attached a Camera To Their Catcher

With all the Google Glass videos going around these days I thought it would be a cool idea to wear them during a baseball game to get a first person view on the field. My main hurdles being I don’t have Google Glass (your move Google), nor do I play baseball. Of course, even if I had 1 and 2 down at this point, I doubt striking out and kicking grounders around would make for compelling footage.

Well, besides stealing my high school alma mater’s baseball hat logo*, they’re also stealing my ideas. Everyone’s favorite Gamecocks strapped a camera to their catcher’s head and sent him into the field against perennial powerhouse Wofford.

Then some industrious video production major hurriedly edited it together, showing the minimal amount of gameplay and threw an overplayed song on top. Here are the results.

*Ok, so they had it first and we got permission from them to use it. Same thing.

via Deadspin



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