St. Louis Cardinals Playoff Race Drinking Game

2017 Update: The Cardinals find themselves in another playoff race that could go down to the wire. This time they’re not only in the hunt for a wild card spot, but the NL Central as well. That means the Cardinals need our help. And the only way I know how to help is by drinking!

2016 Update: Wow. The end of the Cincinnati series was crazy. I’m not saying it was all due to drinking, but it couldn’t have hurt.

With 4 games to play the St. Louis Cardinals trail the San Francisco Giants by one game in the National League Wild Card race. After the second disappointing loss to the Cincinnati Reds in 3 games the Cardinals need our help. And there’s only one sure-fire way that I know of for the common fan to effect the game. Drinking.

What follows is our proprietary methodology for increasing the Cardinals chances of winning by drinking. We’ll call it DAR (drinks above replacement). It doesn’t have to make sense. This is baseball it was made for drinking.

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