Cardinals Wind Up With Another Rookie Pitcher. Wacha Wacha!

After their latest rookie pitcher blew a Gast-ket (Wacha Wacha), the St. Louis Cardinals have called up another pitcher to take over the Lyons-share (Wacha Wacha) of innings left by injuries while Carpenter builds (Wacha Wacha) himself up to return to the field.

Sorry, those were awful. I’d promise not to do it again, but that is a promise I simply cannot keep. Much like Mozeliak’s couldn’t keep his promise to bury Wacha in AAA until they could push his arbitration eligibility back a little farther. I mean that’s complete speculation, but it makes sense because everyone seems to believe Michael Wacha is going to have to get paid once he’s had some time in the bigs. Continue reading “Cardinals Wind Up With Another Rookie Pitcher. Wacha Wacha!”