All 2000s St. Louis Cardinals: Shortstop

One of the St. Louis Cardinals most famous players was a shortstop. But he didn’t play in the 2000s, so he’s not on this list. That’s not to say the Cardinals haven’t had their fair share of notable shortstops in the 2000s though. That means it is time for us to round out the infield on our list of the greatest Cardinals at each position in the 2000s. Continue reading “All 2000s St. Louis Cardinals: Shortstop”


Game 038: Hey! Ward Ya Go?

The unthinkable has happened. They’re making an Independence Day 2 without Will Smith. And they killed off his Col. Hiller on a website. Oh and Heyward signed with the Cubs. 🙁

It’s not all bad news on the St. Louis sports scene this week though. The St. Louis Rams actually won a game as Todd Gurley returned to form and led the Rams to a win over the Detroit Lions. There was even some good news on the stadium front as the NFL promised the city of St. Louis another $100 million towards the new construction costs. Plus we finally get around to our college basketball preview, and only a month into the season!

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Game 018 – Here’s Jhonny!

The best podcast in baseball is back and with the MLB All Star game around the corner, we’ll tell you who was Wong-ed and left off the roster and make our picks for the homerun derby champion. Plus there were more firework injuries to NFL players than we can count on one hand. Plus we’ll break down Vladmir Tarasenko’s new deal with the St. Louis Blues. And we’ll discuss number five on our Greatest Fictional Sports Teams Of All-Time list. Let’s get things started on The PineCast!