Who To Root For – 2016 MLB Playoff Edition

The St. Louis Cardinals 2016 season is over much earlier than it has been in the last 6 years. For the first time since 2010 St. Louis baseball fans have no rooting interest headed into the MLB playoffs. That leaves a pretty big hole to fill during October baseball. And there’s no clear cut team to pick

Let’s break down the teams remaining in the hunt for the World Series.

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The Joe Kelly Standoff Video You’ve Been Waiting For

A cool October evening in the midwest. Thousands of fans have packed into Busch Stadium. The National Anthem had been sung. The players were jogging onto the field. But two men remained firmly entrenched in a battle of wills. Joe Kelly of the St. Louis Cardinals bravely stood at the edge of the grass, while Scott Van Slyke* of the Los Angeles Dodgers cowered in fear mere steps from the safety of his dugout. The two men would stand valiantly that day. But alas, it was the Cardinals who would stand victorious on the field at night’s end.

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