World Series Predictions – 2018

The World Series is upon us. We’ve got the Boston Red Sox who mostly ran away with the entire American League all regular season and steam-rolled their way through the playoffs. Against the Los Angeles Dodgers who, despite their +194 run differential, struggled out of the gate and required a one game playoff to win the NL West.

It’s a battle between the #1 and #3 biggest payrolls in baseball. It’s nice to see the Boston and L.A. markets finally catch a break1.

Let’s get into the picks. Continue reading “World Series Predictions – 2018”


MLB League Championship Series Predictions – 2018

Was it just me or was that kind of an undramatic Division Series round? No series went past 4 games and 2 were done in 3.

After a 9th inning comeback to tie Game 1 the Rockies didn’t score again. Losing in the 10th. Then getting shutout 4-zip and 6-zip to end the series.

The Braves on the other hand waited until Game 3 to score. And barely held on to get the 6-5 win. Then blew a 2-1 lead in Game 4 to lose 6-2. They actually only scored in 3 of the 35 innings they had on offense. Continue reading “MLB League Championship Series Predictions – 2018”


MLB Wild Card Round Predictions – 2018

Now that the National League playoff bracket is set after 163 games. We know the Cubs and Rockies are going to be battling it out in a win or go home Wild Card game.

While on the AL side we’ve known for a month that the Yankees and As would be playing in New York to win a date with the Red Sox.

We’ve polled our panel of non-experts to let you know who is going to move onto the Division Series. Continue reading “MLB Wild Card Round Predictions – 2018”