World Series Predictions – 2018

MLB World Series 2018 Predictions

The World Series is upon us. We’ve got the Boston Red Sox who mostly ran away with the entire American League all regular season and steam-rolled their way through the playoffs. Against the Los Angeles Dodgers who, despite their +194 run differential, struggled out of the gate and required a one game playoff to win the NL West.

It’s a battle between the #1 and #3 biggest payrolls in baseball. It’s nice to see the Boston and L.A. markets finally catch a break1.

Let’s get into the picks.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Boston Red Sox

David: There’s just too much youth on the Dodgers to pick them, even with the game’s best ever World Series veteran on the roster. And If you don’t know who I’m talking about, then leave. Just leave and never speak to us again.

Anywho, the Red Sox are way more terrifying offensively and they have home field advantage. They also have more fire power in the rotation and bullpen in my professional opinion. They took care of the 2nd best team in baseball and defending champion Astros in just 5 games while the Dodgers went 7 against the Brewers. The extra rest will only benefit LA more.

Boston Red Sox

Tim: Just like in 2004 and 2013, the Red Sox are trying to win the World Series with a manager in his first year with the team. The Red Sox have been the best team all season long. However, I picked the Dodgers to win it all back in March, so I’m sticking with them. The Dodgers have experience from last year’s World Series. Also, Craig Kimbrel has looked very shaky this post-season, and with the Dodger’s strong offense, no Red Sox lead will be safe. I hate the Dodgers, but at least David Freese will win another ring. I think Turner wins the MVP.

Los Angeles Dodgers logo

Jason: Being a Cardinals fan this matchup brings up some real memories. On one hand, the Red Sox have beat the Cardinals in 2 World Series in 2004 and 2013. Meanwhile, the Cardinals have made a habit of crushing the Dodgers dreams like Matt Adams hitting a hanging Kershaw curveball. The Red Sox have looked mostly unbeatable in the postseason though. Save some late-inning antics from Craig Kimbrel.

The Red Sox have home-field thanks to their MLB leading 108 wins. The Dodgers will look to Clayton Kershaw to put the odds back in their favor in Game 1. His first start in Fenway. Or even in Boston for that matter. Still I think Boston, who has been strong at home, takes the series. Though I wouldn’t be too upset if Yasiel Puig had a huge series of bombs and bat flips to really put the butt-hurt on Boston fans.

Red Sox in 7

Boston Red Sox

Steve: Out of all the WS scenarios, we got about the worst one. Two of the highest payrolls, unbearable sport cities and overall unlikeable teams. These teams can blow my ass. One nice takeaway from these playoffs, is that it at least showed is Manny Machado is truly a jackass, so hopefully the Birds avoid that in free agency. Since I like Mookie Betts, I’m rooting for the Red Sox in this one. 4-2 Sox.

Boston Red Sox

  1. That’s sarcasm.


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