The Greatest Fictional Sports Team Of All-Time: Number 2

We’re on to number 2 on the Greatest Fictional Sports Team Of All-Time1 list. The list was put together using the scientific method. In that I made up 5 categories and ranked teams on them from 1-5 without consulting anyone else. Those categories are Key Players, Depth, Coaching, Results, and Legacy. Let’s recap the list so far:

5. The Washington Sentinels – The Replacements
4. The Sandlot Crew – The Sandlot
3. The Mighty Ducks – The Mighty Ducks

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Game 009 – Double Digits

We’ve recorded The PineCast 10 times. But we’re on episode 009 because the first was Spring Training. It doesn’t count.

We’ve got a lot in store this week. Steve and Jason were at the St. Louis Cardinals home opener this past Monday and lived to tell the tale. The guys prep you on the upcoming St. Louis Blues vs. Minnesota Wild playoff game starting this Thursday. Finally, David pits Steve and Jason against each other in another edition of “Who’s the Better Brother”.