The Cardinals Won Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS 10 Years Ago

Ten years ago today, the Cardinals won game 7 of the NLCS on the back of a Yadi Molina bomb in the 9th and a Waino curveball to close it out.

So let’s go back to a simpler time, when the Cubs still sucked and everything was right with the world.

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All 2000s St. Louis Cardinals: Catcher

The St. Louis Cardinals have been arguably the best team in baseball since the Y2K bug almost sent our world crashing back into the stone age before computers. They’ve amassed 1,464 wins over the span, second only to the New York Yankees. And they’ve done it at about half the price. The Yankees cost per win was $1,936,034.08 to the Cardinals $1,017,063.63. So it goes without saying they’ve had some good players pass through. Continue reading “All 2000s St. Louis Cardinals: Catcher”


Gifs of Waino Just Being Waino

Adam Wainwright might have only been 2nd in the league in Cy Young voting, but he’s definitely 1st in the league in charisma. We’ve got less than 61 days until Opening Day 2014 against the Cincinnati Reds. Until that we’ve got plenty of gifs of everyone’s favorite staff ace, Adam Wainwright, just being Waino.

That’s one hell of a fist-pump Waino


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