Beer Review: 4 Hands Brewing Guava King

4 Hands Brewing Guava King

With Opening Day just around the corner a run to the local beer store was in order. While perusing the selection of fine craft brews I came across 4 Hands Guava King. The bright colors of the can caught my eye, so I decided to give Guava a try.

What is Guava Anyway

Guavas are common tropical fruits cultivated and enjoyed in many tropical and subtropical regions. – Wikipedia

Well, yeah, I could have figured that out on my own Wikipedia.

I don't know what i expected

what the hell is guava
Still not 100% what guava is.

A little further digging into the second result for “what is guava” on Google takes you to SmartCooky. Where I discovered guava can improve eyesight, boost your immunity, and is good for your brain, among other things. I drank two for this article. So I’m basically Bradley Cooper in that mediocre movie that became an even worse TV show.

The Beer

Alright, enough with the guava lesson. Let’s get into what we’re really here for, the beer.

Pouring a cold Guava King gives you a hazy straw colored beer with a short head that doesn’t stick around very long. It kind of looks like a cloudy lemonade. Or the summer brew my roommate in college used to make that consisted of lemonade concentrate, Natty Light, and vodka1.

I was expecting a bigger fruity punch of some beers, but to my surprise it wasn’t overpowering. Not knowing what guava tastes like I can’t say if that is to be expected or not. But looking at that picture above it seems like it could be pretty bland.

The Verdict

The Guava King isn’t bad, but it isn’t up to the same standards I’ve found with the other offerings from 4 Hands. Contact High is delicious. Guava King is a light beer with subtle, fruity flavors that doesn’t do a lot to stand out aside from including guava. Which I know what is now. Kind of.

2.5/5 Birds.

  1. Or whatever else we could get our hands on


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