MLB Preview 2018: AL West

Spring Training is underway in the MLB. Over the weeks leading up to the season we’ll be breaking down the winners of each division leading up to our World Series preview.

We don’t have time to wait for Scott Boras’s free agents to get signed. We’re hoping they don’t all land in the AL West and throw off our projections. But who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️. On to the preview! Continue reading “MLB Preview 2018: AL West”


Why to root for each team left in the MLB Postseason

The League Championship Series teams are set. There have been a lot of big moments in the wildcard and divisional rounds. The League Championships should have some epic battles of teams fighting for a chance to represent their league in the World Series.

Now that the Cleveland Indians have proved as adept at blowing big leads as they were at winning consecutive games in August and September you may need a new team to root for. Here’s a quick primer on why you should root for each team left in the MLB Postseason. Continue reading “Why to root for each team left in the MLB Postseason”


What to watch for in the MLB Division Series

The ALDS is already going with the Houston Astros and Cleveland Indians jumping out to 1-0 leads in their respective series. But things kick into another gear today as all 8 teams will be in action. We’ve got a lot of baseball to watch today. So here’s a primer on what you should be paying attention to in each series. Continue reading “What to watch for in the MLB Division Series”


MLB Postseason Predictions for Every Series. Is it the Indians to lose?

The MLB postseason is here. We’ve got 3 100+ win teams and one that lost 100 last year. We’ve got a team playing for a recently devastated community. 3 teams from one division. A team that won 22 in a row and another that was 91-36 before a 1-16 slump.

All to say it should make for some entertaining October baseball.

Continue reading “MLB Postseason Predictions for Every Series. Is it the Indians to lose?”


Aaron Judge Has Done The Impossible

Aaron Judge is off to a torrid start of his career. After appearing in only 27 games last season, Judge has been dominating pitchers in the American League. He’s leading the league in homers with 30. Giving him the New York Yankees record. For a single season. Once held by a some guy named Joe. Joe Dimmagio I believe. Continue reading “Aaron Judge Has Done The Impossible”


Little Big Cheaters: How the Minnesota Twins Almost Stole a Wildcard Berth

The year is 1994. The Seattle Mariners ended the season on a 4 game losing streak allowing the Minnesota Twins to force a 1 game playoff for the wild card1.

Twins owner, Billy Heywood fired their manager mid-season. Instituted himself as manager because he couldn’t convince Whitey Herzog to take the job. Then proceeded to bench one of the Twins best players, Lou Collins, down the stretch simply because Lou was dating Heywood’s mother.

The Twins undoubtedly did not deserve to be there. Sometimes that’s how baseball goes. The Mariners, clearly the better team had two future hall of famers to the Twins entire roster of players who don’t even show up in fangraphs. Continue reading “Little Big Cheaters: How the Minnesota Twins Almost Stole a Wildcard Berth”


Trevor Bauer Rampaging Through Sports Writer’s Yards

In an exclusive story, View From The Pine has learned that several national sports writers have come out accusing Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer of running through their yards.

One national sports writer, who declined to be named, tells View From The Pine that he was sitting out on his front porch when Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer, 25, ventured into his yard. Continue reading “Trevor Bauer Rampaging Through Sports Writer’s Yards”


Who To Root For – 2016 MLB Playoff Edition

The St. Louis Cardinals 2016 season is over much earlier than it has been in the last 6 years. For the first time since 2010 St. Louis baseball fans have no rooting interest headed into the MLB playoffs. That leaves a pretty big hole to fill during October baseball. And there’s no clear cut team to pick

Let’s break down the teams remaining in the hunt for the World Series.

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When Stats Don’t Matter

It has never been cooler to be a baseball nerd than right now. Moneyball brought baseball analytics to the main stream. It does help when you’ve got Brad Pitt leading the charge.

Now ESPN has published The Great Analytics Rankings.1 It’s worth checking out. But we’re here to discuss something else that is seemingly falling by the wayside. Continue reading “When Stats Don’t Matter”


Ranking Boston’s Beards from Worst to Face Meltingly Awful

Boston, like many playoff teams before them, have embraced growing beards. Like literally everyone else these days. Yet everyone is treating Boston like they’re special for growing beards. Well we here at View From the Pine don’t think Boston is special (although Jonny Gomes may be), and we’re going to expose these Boston beards for how awful they really are.

5. Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Why are those reporters interviewing that homeless guy?


Is that a catcher or a hobo the Red Sox picked up off the street? Saltalamacchia’s long hair has gotten in his eyes several times this series, causing him to make ill advised throws all over the field. Continue reading “Ranking Boston’s Beards from Worst to Face Meltingly Awful”