NFL Picks Week Eight

NFL Picks Week Eight 2017

We narrowly missed another USAD1 as Tim was the only one to pick the Raiders to upset the Chiefs on Thursday Night Football. In what ended up being a crazy finish.

Let’s see what the NFL has in store for us in Week 8!

Game of the Week #1: Houston Texans @ Seattle Seahawks

Tim (16-12): Houston is 3-3 in a bad division. Seattle is one of the few stadiums with a true home field advantage. I’ll take the Seahawks and the 12th man.

Seattle Seahawks logo

David (12-16): No rookie quarterback has won a game in Seattle since 2011 (Andy Dalton). Thanks for that stat ESPN at least you’re good for something. Seattle’s a winner yet again this week.

Seattle Seahawks logo

Steve (13-15): I’ll take Seattle at home in this one. Not much faith in the Texans at the moment.

Seattle Seahawks logo

Jason (11-17): Deshaun Watson has turned the Houston Texans offense around. But we’ve already seen the Seahawks defense expose one young QB off to a good start in Jared Goff. And that was on the road. I don’t see Watson going in and pulling off the win without JJ Watt on the other side.

Seattle Seahawks logo

NOTE: We’ve got a USAD alert! You’re on notice Seattle.

Game of the Week #2: Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins

Tim (16-12): Both teams are 3-3 and chasing the first place Eagles. The Redskins are winless in division games and need this one more.

Washington Redskins logo

David (12-16): Really this one’s a tossup for me. I am going with the Cowboys because they have more offensive weapons than the Redskins. Plus Elliot is going to run his tail off until he has to serve that suspension, if he ever does.

Dallas Cowboys logo

Steve (13-15): The Redskins didn’t look great against a team2 Monday night. The Cowboys got to destroy San Francisco. I’ll plan on them keeping it up against an average Redskins team.

Dallas Cowboys logo

Jason (11-17): Dallas has beat the Giants, Cardinals, and 49ers. Those teams are a combined 4-17. The’ve lost to the Rams and Packers at home and the Broncos on the road. Washington has lost to the Eagles x2 and the Chiefs. They’re a combined 11-3. They’ve beat the Rams, Raiders, and 49ers who combine for a 8-13.

They’re both .500 but the Redskins have done so over the much tougher schedule with a 19-16 opponent record against the Cowboys 16-25. At home I’m giving the edge to Kirk Cousins having another game that he likes.

Washington Redskins logo

Lock of the Week

Tim (16-12): San Francisco 49ers (+10.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles (-10.5)

Not much explanation needed. The Eagles are very good. The 49ers are very bad.

Philadelphia Eagles logo

David (12-16): San Francisco 49ers (+10.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles (-10.5)

Carson Wentz is playing pretty damn well. 17/4 TD/INT ratio with 1852 yards which puts him 4th in the league in passing rate and yards. The Eagles will make it 6 in a row easily against the 49ers.

Philadelphia Eagles logo

Steve (13-15): Minnesota Vikings (-7.5) @ Cleveland Browns (+7.5)

Cleveland sucks. Taking the easy one this week.

Minnesota Vikings logo

Jason (11-17): San Francisco 49ers (+10.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles (-10.5)

Listen, I could try to get fancy here and not make the obvious pick, but I’m falling behind in the standings and I need the points. The Eagles might be the best team in football and the 49ers are 0-7 and on the road. This will not end well for San Francisco.

Philadelphia Eagles logo

Upset Special

Tim (16-12): Atlanta Falcons (-7) @ New York Jets (+7)

In our week 1 picks, I predicted the Falcons would miss the playoffs. After starting out 3-0, they have lost 3 in a row. Before scoring a garbage time touchdown last week, the Falcons went nearly 6 quarters without scoring a point. They continue their slide this week.

New York Jets logo

David (12-16): Indianapolis Colts (+10) @ Cincinnati Bengals (-10)

Out of all the large margin spreads in football this week, this is the only matchup I can possibly see happening. The Bengals have only won this season against the Bills and Browns, so they could derp it against the Colts.

Indianapolis Colts logo

Steve (13-15): Pittsburgh Steelers (-3) @ Detroits Lions (+3)

I’ll take Detroit with the upset at home against the Steelers.

Detroit Lions logo

Jason (11-17): Pittsburgh Steelers (-3) @ Detroits Lions (+3)

If the Steelers win this game they could be 11-2 going into a week 15 meet up with New England. This team didn’t not look like an 11-2 team going 2 weeks ago. The Lions have lost to the Falcons (on a technicality), Panthers, and Saints. They need a win and are at home. I’ll give this one to Stafford and the Lions.

Detroit Lions logo

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