Picks From The Pine: NFL Week Nine

It is getting ever more difficult to pick 2 games of the week. There seems to be 1, “Eh that game could be ok” game and a bunch of “Why would I watch that game” matchups each week. This week we’re going with Denver at Oakland in what has to be the latest point in a season the Raiders have had a chance to take sole possession of 1st place since the Rich Gannon days. Rich Gannon is that even right? Or am I mixing up the last name with the bad guy from Zelda?

That’s how forgettable the Raiders have been. On to the pick!

David: 17
Steve: 15
Tim: 13
Jason: 12

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Picks From The Pine: NFL Week Eight

Is it just me or has the NFL just had some terrible matchups this season? There’s no team that’s really great. But there are an awful lot of teams that fall directly in the category of mediocre. Probably explains why no one is watching the NFL.

3 of the 4 1 loss teams didn’t have their starting quaterback for the 1st 4 weeks. 2 still don’t. And the other 1 lost team, the Seahawks, played to a 6-6 tie on Sunday night. In a true showcase of how “meh” the NFL has become.

I guess we’ll still do picks. Does anyone even care?

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Picks From The Pine: NFL Week Seven

Before we begin I just want to remind everyone that I won the regular season picks last year here at View From The Pine with a 32-35 record. Which has me just as surprised as you guys that I’m currently on pace for, oh, 20-48. But I’m in 4th in my picks pool. No idea.

Steve went 2-2 to take over sole possession of second place from Tim who went 1-3 last week. While David continued his hot streak to go 11-1 over the last 3 weeks. Will he keep it up? Only time, and this week’s picks, will tell. Continue reading “Picks From The Pine: NFL Week Seven”


Picks From The Pine: 2016 NFL Week Six

We’re back with a picks article this week after a 1 week hiatus. We still made picks last week. Just no one sent me notes to complete the article. Picks from last week can be found in the latest episode of The PineCast. 

I do know that I went 3-1 last week. Which probably did absolutely nothing to move me up the rankings. Let’s get into the reason you’re all here though, week 6 NFL Picks.

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Free Agent Fan Week 3

New York Giants

The Rams are gone and I’m taking suitors for a new team. So far, we’ve contemplated staying a Rams fan and crossing to the darkside with the Patriots.

This weekend, I laid motionless on my couch, phone propped on my gut, watching my fantasy team get beaten again (0-3 baby!) and thought about which team I should watch. I landed on the NY Giants since their game with the Redskins happened to be on Redzone the most and the remote was just out of reach. So let’s do this.

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Picks From The Pine: 2016 NFL Week Four

I can’t win picking the Rams the last 10 years. I can’t win picking against the Rams this year. So I’m not picking their game this week.

Quick recap of the standings. Steve and Tim blew it out of the water again going 2-2 to move their records to 5-7. While Jason threw a perfect game going 0-4 to take sole possession of last place from David who could only muster a 1-3. Making Jason’s overall record 2-10 and David’s 3-9. Just think if you would pick the opposites.

On to the picks!

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Picks From The Pine: 2016 NFL Week Three

It turned out to be a bad week to anger pick against the Rams. In their first game in Los Angeles the Rams managed to win while still failing to score a touchdown. Then on Sunday night Sam Bradford looked like an actual NFL quarterback for a playoff contender when he knocked off the Green Bay Packers.

Needless to say it was not a great week for our picks. There was improvemenet though. Well, Steve and Tim improved to 2-2 on the week raising their season total to 3-5. While Jason and David posted a second consecutive 1-3 to bring their season records to 2-6. But as Jeff Fisher always said, “We’ll fix it in practice.”1

On to Week 3!

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