NFL Picks Wildcard Round

The 2017 NFL playoffs are here. You may have been confused by the inclusion of teams such as The Los Angeles Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Buffalo Bills. That’s right this years NFL playoff teams feature some of the cream of the QB crop with the likes of Jared Goff, Blake Bortles, Case Keenum, and Nick Foles. Not to mention Tyrod Taylor who was benched for a guy that went on to throw 5 interceptions. In a half!1 But I assure you this is actually the NFL playoffs. So let’s get to the picks!

Tennessee Titans (+9) @ Kansas City Chiefs (-9)

Tim (0-0): The Titans took advantage of an easy schedule to get a playoff spot. After a mid-season slump the Chiefs appear to be back on track with a four game winning streak.

Kansas City Chiefs logo

Steve (0-0): I don’t think the Titans have much of a chance in this one. I’ll take the Chiefs with the home field advantage.

Kansas City Chiefs logo

David (0-0): Again my reasoning is that the Chiefs at home are dangerous.

Kansas City Chiefs logo

Jason (0-0): I don’t think the Titans are a good enough team to go into Kansas City and win in the playoffs. I liked them as a sleeper early in the season, but in their last 10 games they’re 6-4. 5 of those wins are against the Browns, Bengals, Colts, Texans, and a Jaguars team that had locked up the division 2 weeks earlier. A couple big KC mistakes is the only way I see the Titans coming out with this one.

Kansas City Chiefs logo

Atlanta Falcons (+6) @ Los Angeles Rams (-6)

Tim (0-0): Of all the teams, the Rams could have faced in round 1, I think this is their worst match-up for them. The Rams are playing in their first playoff game in year and going up against a team that made the Super Bowl last year. The Falcons won’t be nervous for this one, but the Rams might be.

Atlanta Falcons logo

Steve (0-0): The Falcons will have a chance in this one, coming off a big win last week. I think they’ll keep it close, but will take the Rams to win. As much as it pains me…

Los Angeles Rams logo

David (0-0): Man, I’d love to be wrong here. But the Rams and Todd Gurley look pretty good this year. Falcons defense is in trouble. This playoff game in LA will be a packed house of about 38k at the Coliseum.

Los Angeles Rams logo

Jason (0-0): The Rams still have players from the St. Louis days I want to do well. Aaron Donald, Robert Quinn, and Todd Gurley to name a few. I just wish horrible things upon the front office for the way they mistreated the fans of St. Louis. If it weren’t for old Stan “Fuck Kroenke” Kroenke and Les “Shitty 90s Bad Guy” Snead I may have even rooted for this team. Because they’re actually good.

They’ll probably beat the Falcons. But then I hope they lose for the “Major League”ing they pulled on St. Louis with Jeff Fisher for years.

Los Angeles Rams logo

Buffalo Bills (+9) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-9)

Tim (0-0): The 9-7 Bills made the playoffs over the 9-7 Ravens due to the tiebreaker of Strength of Victory. The Ravens strength of victory was lower because they had to play the 0-16 Browns twice this year. I think Buffalo’s good luck runs out as long as Bortles plays half-decent.

Jacksonville Jaguars logo

Steve (0-0): Bills make the playoffs for the first time since the Music City Miracle. It only seems right that they’ll lose in the first round to the Jags.

Jacksonville Jaguars logo

David (0-0): The Bills made the playoffs?! Well, the Jags will figure out a way to jag this one up. See what I did there?

Buffalo Bills logo

Jason (0-0): Remember when the Bills decided starting Nathan Peterman was a good idea only to watch him throw 5 INTs in a half? That horrible decision could have cost the Bills a playoff spot if it weren’t for Andy Dalton.

That’s right the Bengals QB that can’t win a playoff game had the biggest play of the Bills and Ravens season in week 17. When he connected to send the Ravens home and the Bills to Jacksonville in the final minute.

The Bills only chance is for Bortles to be Blake Bortles and Lesean McCoy to have a big game. Otherwise they’re not scoring enough off a stingy Jacksonville defense. With McCoy possibly not healthy I’ll give the edge to Jacksonville in a closer game than the spread predicts.

Jacksonville Jaguars logo

Carolina Panthers (+7) @ New Orleans Saints (-7)

Tim (0-0): The Panthers did not put up a good fight last week against Atlanta. With a win, that would have given them home-field for the first round game. That will come back to haunt them, especially against this Saints team that has already beaten them twice this season.

New Orleans Saints logo

Steve (0-0): The Panthers looked pretty rough in their loss to the Falcons last week and it seemed like the crowd in Atlanta got to the offense. The Superdome isn’t going to be easier.

New Orleans Saints logo

David (0-0): Drew Brees all day baby.

New Orleans Saints logo

Jason (0-0): In their 2 games with the Panthers this season the Saints have outscored their division rival 65 – 34. The Saints are at home in the playoffs. The Super Dome gets loud. I’ll give the edge to the Saints in the best matchup of the Wild Card round.

New Orleans Saints logo

Regular Season Standings

Tim (45-25)

Steve (40-30)

David (37-33)

Jason (30-40)

  1. Only the Bills head coach though that was a good idea.


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