NFL Picks Week Fifteen

The Philadelphia Eagles established their dominance in the NFC with a home win against the Rams in LA. But in the process they lost Carson Wentz to a knee injury. One thing the Rams didn’t lose after the Jeff Fisher era was a knack for injuring quarterbacks.

Of course as Case Keenum and Jared Goff have shown this year perhaps a quarterback shouldn’t be judged by his time with the Rams. Which is a good sign for the Eagles backup Nick Foles who will be thrust into the starting gig for a playoff run.

Meanwhile the Packers get Aaron Rodgers as they battle to hang in the playoff hunt. Plus we’ve got 2 first place battles and a matchup of the AFC’s top 2 teams. So let’s get to our week 15 picks.

Game of the Week #1:

Tim (35-22): Chargers are riding a 4 game win streak and tied for first after their terrible start. But it’s just like the Chargers to get their dozens of fans’ hopes up before crashing.

Kansas City Chiefs logo

Steve (32-25): The Chiefs won a game last week! Can’t stop the steamrolling Chargers with Marmalard at the helm though!

LA Chargers logo

David (28-29): Chiefs sort of got back on track by beating the struggling Raiders last week. I say sort of because they dominated the entire game until the 4th quarter where they gave up 15 points. Even though the Chargers have been playing real well lately, winners of 4 straight, I’m giving the Chiefs home field advantage as its tough to win at Arrowhead.

Kansas City Chiefs logo

Jason (26-31): I was in Kansas City a few weeks ago and the confidence level in the Chiefs seemed low. Then last week it seemed like they were going to blow a big lead to the Raiders late. The Chargers are better than the Raiders, but it’ll still be tough to go into KC and win to take over the division.

LA Chargers logo

Game of the Week #2:

Tim (35-22): This game is basically for the NFC West championship. The Rams lead by a game, but if Seattle wins this one, they will hold the tie-breaker. The Rams put up 35 points on maybe the best team in the league last week. I think they’ll do the same against Seattle’s injury-rattled defense.

Los Angeles Rams logo

Steve (32-25): I’m gonna take Seattle at home. Though I know that almost every time I’ve gone against the Rams, they’ve disappointed me by winning…

Seattle Seahawks logo

David (28-29): Rams lost a offensive shoot out against the Eagles last week, I don’t Seattle’s offense keeping up with the Rams. Plus these 2 teams are completely different than when they faced off in Week 5.

Los Angeles Rams logo

Jason (26-31): Even though 7-9 is out of reach for the Rams. I’d still be cool seeing them fall to 9-7 and somehow miss the playoffs to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. And Seattle will be a much tougher road test for Jared Goff than the Eagles. Fox won’t be putting out casting calls for Rams fans in Seattle.

Seattle Seahawks logo

Game of the Week #3:

Tim (35-22): The Patriots seem to have the Steelers’ number. Brady is 7-2 in his career against the Steelers, plus beating them 3 times in the AFC championship game. They will continue their dominance over Pittsburgh this week.

New England Patriots logo

Steve (32-25): The Pats lost to the Dolphins last week without Gronk. I’ll pick them to win this one with Gronk back.

New England Patriots logo

David (28-29): Patriots just lost to Jay Cutty and the Dolphins, while the Steelers managed a 4th quarter 11 point comeback against the Ravens. Steelers to me just have too many offensive weapons and the Patriots defense is horrendous this season. They just lost to the Dolphins. Did I say that already? Oh well, its because they lost TO. THE. DOLPHINS.

Pittsburgh Steelers logo

Jason (26-31): The Steelers have made a habit of playing down to bad opponents and beating tough ones. Their at home. And the Patriots just lost to Jay Cutler. But mostly eff the Patriots.

Pittsburgh Steelers logo

Stone Cold Locks of the Week

Tim (35-22): NY Jets (+15.5) @ New Orleans Saints (-15.5)

The Jets turn to Bryce Petty at quarterback. In college at Baylor, Petty lit up the scoreboard for 62 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions. In the NFL, not so much. In 7 career games, he has 3 touchdowns and 7 INT’s.

New Orleans Saints logo

Steve (32-25): Philadelphia Eagles (-7) @ NY Giants (+7)

Big Dick Nick back in the saddle.

Philadelphia Eagles logo

David (28-29): Houston Texans (+10.5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-10.5)

When in doubt, go with the Jags! Wait what? Who am I?!

Jacksonville Jaguars logo

Jason (26-31): Cincinnati Bengals (+10.5) @ Minnesota Vikings (-10.5)

Keenum will continue to make a case for MVP with a thrashing of the shitty, shitty Bengals.

Minnesota Vikings logo

Upset Specials

Tim (35-22): Dallas Cowboys (-3) @ Oakland Raiders (+3)

In maybe the final Sunday night game ever in Oakland, the Raiders give the Black Hole one last great performance in Dallas’ last game without Elliot.

Oakland Raiders Logo

Steve (32-25): Green Bay Packers (+3) @ Carolina Panthers (-3)

Aaron Rodgers? Assuming he plays, I’ll take the Packers to upset the Panthers at home.

Green Bay Packers logo

David (28-29): Philadelphia Eagles (-7) @ NY Giants (+7)

Because until Nick Foles proves me wrong, he’s terrible.

New York Giants logo

Jason (26-31): Thursday: Denver Broncos (-2.5) @ Indianapolis Colts (+2.5)

When I put the picks form together I send out every week I misspelled the Colts as the Indianapolis Colds. No one caught it. Because no one even bothered the possibility of picking the Colts. I’m only going with them because the good upsets were taken and the Broncos suck. Colds fever! Catch it!

Indianapolis Colts logo


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