NFL Picks Week Eleven

NFL Picks Week Eleven

Once you get past the top 3 or so teams in the AFC things are a mess. All 4 division leaders in the NFC missed the playoffs last season. Welcome to the 2017 season of the NFL!

Join us for week eleven of our NFL picks!

Game of the Week #1: LA Rams (+2) @ Minnesota Vikings (-2)

Tim (22-18): The Vikings are sticking with Case Keenum at QB. He’s done well the past 2 weeks, but that has come against the Browns and Redskins. I think he struggles against the Rams defense.

Los Angeles Rams logo

Steve (21-19): Still don’t know how the Rams are the underdog in this one. I guess they haven’t beat too many good teams, but this will be a good test for them.

Los Angeles Rams logo

David (19-21): I think they’ll win just mainly to piss me off. I hate to say it but the Rams are good.

Los Angeles Rams logo

Jason (18-22): I’m giving the Vikings the edge in this matchup of 7-2 teams since 5 of the Rams 7 wins have come against the Colts, 49ers, Cardinals, Giants, and Deshaun Watson-less Texans.

Minnesota Vikings logo

Game of the Week #2: Atlanta Falcons (+3) @ Seattle Seahawks (-3)

Tim (22-18): I’m still not sold on the Falcons, and now Freeman is likely to miss this week. The Seahawks need this one to keep pace with the first place Rams. That still feels weird to say.

Seattle Seahawks logo

Steve (21-19): The Falcons looked pretty good last week. We’ll see if they can keep that up in Seattle.

Atlanta Falcons logo

David (19-21): I don’t trust Seattle to win a big game right now. Recently they barely beat the Cardinals, lost to the Redksins and barely beat the Texans. I have no faith in them especially since the Falcons basically had no problem against Dallas last week.

Atlanta Falcons logo

Jason (18-22): After a Super Bowl run last year the Falcons are probably the 3rd best team in their own division this season. Even with the loss of Richard Sherman Seattle should be able to handle the Falcons at home.

Seattle Seahawks logo

Lock of the Week

Tim (22-18): Kansas City Chiefs (-11) @ NY Giants (+11)

Giants have given up an average of 35 points the past 3 games. It’s hard to imagine why the Giants aren’t playing better when their coach is giving motivational speeches right out of Any Given Sunday.

Kansas City Chiefs logo

Steve (21-19): Jacksonville Jaguars (-8) @ Cleveland Browns (+8)

The Browns are just awful.

Jacksonville Jaguars logo

David (19-21): Jacksonville Jaguars (-8) @ Cleveland Browns (+8)

When in doubt, go with the team playing the Browns. Plus I need Bortles to do well for my fantasy team.

Jacksonville Jaguars logo

Jason (18-22): Kansas City Chiefs (-11) @ NY Giants (+11)

This is not going to be the game the Giants get their act together. The Chiefs should roll to 7-3 in this one.

Kansas City Chiefs logo

Upset Special

Tim (22-18): Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3) @ Miami Dolphins (-3)

Miami has given up an average of 37 points per game during their 3 game losing streak. The losses have come against the Ravens, Raiders and Panthers, who have a combined record of just 15-13. Fitzpatrick outduels Jay Cutty to win the Battle of the Sunshine state.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo

Steve (21-19): New England Patriots (-7) @ Oakland Raiders (+7)

Hoping Oakland comes out playing with purpose to give Brady an unexpected loss.

Oakland Raiders Logo

David (19-21): Tennessee Titans (+7) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-7)

Picking this one since the Steelers had to comeback against the Colts last week.

Tennessee Titans

Jason (18-22): New England Patriots (-7) @ Oakland Raiders (+7)

This is a make or break game for Oakland’s season. Falling to 4-6 would almost surely put them outside the playoffs in a crowded though mediocre AFC wild card hunt. They’ll need a steady does of Marshawn and the 2016 version of Carr to pull out the win. At least they’re at home.

Oakland Raiders Logo


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