NFL Picks Week Four

NFL Picks Week Four 2017

Week 3 in the NFL was rough. After 13 and 15 correct picks took home the top spot in my 30+ person picks pool. 10 took home trophy in week 3. It was obvious something was up when the Rams and 49ers played an exciting 41-39 Thursday night game. Then things got even weirder when we awoke to the Jacksonville Jaguars trouncing the Baltimore Ravens in London by a score of 44-7. Blake Bortles even looked like a quarterback!

Let’s see if week 4 has any View From The Pine Unanimous Seal of Approval of DEATH! picks.

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

Steve (4-8): This is a tough one. The Bears looked good last week at home against the Steelers, and these Thursday night games can be a toss up, but I’m gonna go with A-Rodg in this one.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

Tim (5-7): After a close call against Cincinnati last week, I think the Packers go on a run and take over the division.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

Jason (5-7): The all-time series is tied. The Bears might be better than a lot of people expected. Or the maybe the Steelers are worse. Or maybe it’s both. I’m still going to take Aaron Rodgers at home over Mike Glennon on the road.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

David (6-6): Young and inexperienced Bears team going to Lambeau Field primetime on Thursday night? Yeah, I’ll take the Packers.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

There it is. Another View From The Pine Unanimous Seal of Approval of DEATH! Congratulations to the Chicago Bears on their coming victory.

Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos

Steve (4-8): The Raiders looked pretty terrible last week. I don’t think they’ll be as bad as that, but not good enough to win on the road in Denver.

Pick: Denver Broncos

Tim (5-7): Both teams looked awful last week. When in doubt, go with the home team.

Pick: Denver Broncos

Jason (5-7): Derek Carr had a bad game last week. The Raiders were 6-2 on the road last year with the losses coming to the Chiefs in Kansas City and the Broncos in week 17. Matt McGloin started that last game. Carr has the skills to bounce back against a tough Broncos defense. Plus he should get some help from Marshawn.

Pick: Oakland Raiders

David (6-6): Derek Carr > Trevor Siemian. That’s really my only tipping point because these teams have nearly identical offensive and defensive stats.

Pick: Oakland Raiders

Locks of the Week

Steve (4-8): Carolina Panthers (+8) @ New England Patriots (-8)

The Panthers looked terrible. Newton has been playing like crap and the defense was pretty terrible. So not much faith in them on the road in Boston.

Pick: New England Patriots

Tim (5-7): Indianapolis Colts (+11.5) @ Seattle Seahawks (-11.5)

Probably the worst Sunday night football matchup ever. Jacoby Briskett looked good last week, but that was against the Browns. I think he struggles against a good defense.

Pick: Seattle Seahawks

Jason (5-7): Buffalo Bills (+8.5) @ Atlanta Falcons (-8.5)

Ok so the Atlanta Falcons may be better than I thought they were. The Bears might be better than we all thought. They beat the Packers. Like beat beat them. And they hung on against, what I think, is a really good Detroit team in Detroit no less.They’re 3-0 and looking to move to 3-1 since I finally picked them.

Pick: Atlanta Falcons

David (6-6): Carolina Panthers (+8) @ New England Patriots (-8)

Panthers have 1 touchdown all year, which isn’t great 3 weeks into the season. Pretty simple pick here especially with the Patriots at home.

Pick: New England Patriots

Upsets of the Week

Steve (4-8): Washington Redskins (+7) @ Kansas City Chiefs (+7)

They’re giving the Redskins 7 points against the Chiefs on Monday night? I’ll take them with the upset.

Pick: Washington Redskins

Tim (5-7): Pittsburgh Steelers (-2.5) @ Baltimore Ravens (+2.5)

Both of these teams are good at home and bad on the road. I’ll take the Ravens in Baltimore.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens

Jason (5-7): New York Giants (+4) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-4)

I think we’re hitting peak Eli bashing point where now he’ll go off and sneak into a wild card and somehow win the Super Bowl. Classic Eli.

Eli Manning's dumb face
2-time Super Bowl Champion

Pick: New York Giants

David (6-6): Buffalo Bills (+8.5) @ Atlanta Falcons (-8.5)

As the little kid in Angel’s in the Outfield would say, “Hey, it could happen.” Plus the Bills just upset the Broncos, so maybe lightning can strike twice.

Pick: Buffalo Bills


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