NFL Picks Week Three

As a group we came to a consensus on 2 teams winning last week1. They both lost.

And the games weren’t even close. I’m not even mad. It’s actually kind of amazing. Let’s see if we can keep the¬†View From The Pine Unanimous Seal of Approval of DEATH!¬†streak going in week 3.

On to the picks!

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles2

Steve (2-6):¬†I’ll take Carson Wentz in this one. Also, the Giants don’t seem to be good. There’s my expert analysis on that one.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

David (3-5):¬†Giants have 1 TD on the year and their coach is calling out their veteran QB. I don’t see that being motivation enough to beat the Eagles, who only lost by 1 score to the early-season dominating Chiefs.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

Jason (2-6): The Eagles hung right in there on the road against a Chiefs team that looked dominate in week 1. And I think we need at least 1 more week before tons of think piece articles about Eli being done cause him to derp his way to another Super Bowl victory.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

Tim (3-5): As much as the Giants have sucked so far, I see them doing just enough to stay relevant and keep getting prime time games.

Pick: New York Giants3

Cleveland Browns @ Indianapolis Colts

Steve (2-6): The Browns are terrible. The Colts are terrible. Why is this a game of the week pick? Who did this?4

Pick: Indianapolis Colts

David (3-5): The Browns have faced tougher competition in their 2 losses than the Colts have in theirs. Going with the Browns for that very reason.

Pick: Cleveland Browns

Jason (2-6):¬†This game should be terrible. But it’s basically a toss up. I’m going with the Colts with Jacoby Brisket? Brissett? leading the way. Also T.Y. Hilton say 0-3 won’t happen.

Pick: Indianapolis Colts

Tim (3-5): The Browns take a page from the Indians playbook and win a game.

Pick: Cleveland Browns

Lock of the Week

Steve (2-6): New Orleans Saints (+5.5) @ Carolina Panthers (-5.5)

I’ll take Cam and the Panthers as my lock. New Orleans defense looks pretty rough so far.

Pick: Carolina Panthers

David (3-5): Cincinnati Bengals (+7.5) @ Green Bay Packers (-7.5)

The Bengals haven’t made it to the endzone yet this season. They’ll score this week but still lose because the Packers are at home and will bounce back from their loss against the Falcons.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

Jason (2-6): Oakland Raiders (-2.5) @ Washington Redskins (+2.5)

Oakland has looked pretty good and absolutely demolished the Jets last week. Washington barely held off the Rams who I don’t think are very good. I think Oakland covers this one too.

Pick: Oakland Raiders

Tim (3-5): Cincinnati Bengals (+7.5) @ Green Bay Packers (-7.5)

The Bengals new offensive coordinator will do enough get them their first touchdown, but not enough to pull the upset.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

Upset of the Week

Steve (2-6): Houston Texans (+11) @ New England Patriots (-11)

F*ck the Pats.

Pick: Houston Texans

David (3-5): Seattle Seahawks (-2.5) @ Tennessee Titans (+2.5)

This seems like a game where Mariota goes off. Seattle might sleep on the Titans.

Pick: Tennessee Titans

Jason (2-6): Seattle Seahawks (-2.5) @ Tennessee Titans (+2.5)

I still think the Titans will come out of the AFC South as division winners. Mariota is due a big fantasy day. A couple rushing scores could help achieve that. I also don’t think the Seahawks are very good. Especially with no offensive line. Luckily for them “not very good” is probably going to win the NFC West.

Pick: Tennessee Titans

Tim (3-5): New Orleans Saints (+5.5) @ Carolina Panthers (-5.5)

It seems like Drew Brees and Sean Payton’s days are numbered in New Orleans. But they have at least one more good performance in them. Maybe. Hopefully.

Pick: New Orleans Saints

  1. In a stroke of dumb luck Sunday morning I switched them both in my picks pool to pull off a 14-2 second place finish. ūüėź
  2. You may be asking why this is a game of the week, and I’ll be honest. I picked it before the Giants got whooped by the Lions on Monday night.
  3. And we narrowly avoid the View From The Pine Unanimous Seal of Approval of DEATH!
  4. Why a game of the week? Because it’s a toss up. That’s why. And these teams won’t have any more chances to be in this section this season.


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