Notes From the Pine: Throwing Shade

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Early in the week it looked like the St. Louis Cardinals might have turned around their fate thanks to some Instagram based controversy. Without having to can their coach. Not to mention taking 5 of 7 against the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks. Two teams they’re chasing for the wildcard.

And after Rosenthal’s escape artist 6-out save against the Diamondback Friday it looked like maybe the Cardinals would turn a corner and reach .500 and maybe pass it.

Instead they went 0-4 in games that a win would put them at .500. Over a 7 game span that alternated wins and losses.

And losing 2 of 3 to Milwaukee actually made them lose ground on Milwaukee, Colorado, and Arizona while breaking even with the Cubs. All teams they’re chasing for the playoffs.

I thought maybe taking 2 of 3 against Milwaukee after the strong homestand against Colorado and Arizona could set the Birds up for the stretch. But that didn’t happen and now I don’t know what to think.

Around the Horn

Lou Brock is cancer free!

Mike Matheny almost said Yadi looked tired / hurt, but stopped short. Yadi threw shade on Instagram. Then a couple days later posted about missing Oquendo. Then hit 2 bombs in Milwaukee one day. Then got beamed in the head with balls and bats the next day as the Cardinals couldn’t quite hit .500.

Molina then posted whatever this is, which I can only assume means the he’s going to throw Matheny off the top rope in a luchador match.

The Blues had a bit of a different week on Instagram. Fabbri seems fun.

Reddit also found this gem of a Mike Yeo card to celebrate his birthday.

The Rock revealed he used to oversell being Stone Cold Stunned to win cases of beer. This flopping is amazing.

LaVar Ball is the wooooooooorst.

Something tells me that the L.A. fans are going to turn on the Rams quickly.

Madden is still super realistic.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are looking like the, well, Jacksonville Jaguars in training camp.

In case you were wondering whatever happened to Bud Smith after he threw that no-hitter back in 2001, Baseball America has you covered.

Paul DeJong was named NL Rookie of the Month on his birthday.

The Los Angeles Rams received their annual “Why Your Team Sucks” treatment from Drew Magary on Deadspin. And it is a delightful read.

Now that the Cubs are back in first the media is re-approaching peak-Cub-bating. That Joe Maddon sure is fun. Yet they still lost 2 of 3. Which would have been nice had the Cardinals not lost 2 of 3 to Milwaukee in 3 1-run games. Sigh.

Confused Robert Downey Jr GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The Cleveland Indians Austn Jackson threw his hat in the ring for catch of the year, flipping over the wall in Boston to rob a homerun.

And the Mighty Ducks goalie, Goldberg, was given 150 days in jail for theft. Quack indeed.

Holy shit San Francisco is 35 games out of first place.



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