Opening Day 2016: Game Thoughts

The St. Louis Cardinals kicked off the 2016 season today vs the Pittsburgh Pirates. They lost 4-1, with the lone run coming in the 9th on a Marp single. Wainwright settled in after a shaky start, but the offense provided no help piling up 14 strikeouts.

These were the thoughts that crossed my mind while watching the game. I forgot to start it right away so some may be out of order.

Walden out a “few months”. I don’t expect to see him this season. He may be done.

John Jaso’s dreads are nasty. The Pirates have gone from the best dreads in baseball to the worst in 2 years flat.

Freese in a Pirates uni is weird. At least with the Angels we didn’t see him often and it was red.

Who in the hell is in charge of stretching? Pham out with a tight oblique after 1.5 innings. Was pumped to see him play today.

Waino settled in nicely after a little rockiness in the first 2 innings. Think he’ll pick up right where he left off starting last year.

Now if the offense could get him some runs.

Or just actually make contact.

Tom Sizemore Jr. is a douche

Liriano didn’t look sharp as much as the Birds hitters looked bad.

Too many Ks.

Waino seemed more threatening vs Liriano than Wong today.

I expect Randy to hit a bomb every AB. Or strikeout. A single is a nice surprise.

Nice throw by Randy to get Polanco tagging up. Even better play by Wong to hold the tag through the slide.

Oh lives up to his nickname

Oh puts nothing over the plate. Doesn’t seem to be phased by giving up a couple runners.

Polanco might have a really good year for Pitt

I’m going to watch the shit out of Cards games while grilling with Fox Sports Go

Yadi looks like the most comfortable hitter on the team at this point. Wong does not.

Did Grichuk really take 7 straight pitches at one point? Never thought I’d see the day.

Seriously Polanco is hitting everything hard. He may have a breakout this year and knock the Cubs into 3rd place.

Marp’s throws to 1st seem soft from time to time. I mean he’s never had a cannon, but put a little stank on it.

Maness almost had his magic but couldn’t quite make the last out to give up no runs.


Molina is tied with Stan the Man with 3 opening day homers. Neat.

Yep. That’s some vintage Yadi inside outting a single.

An extra base hit would be nice.

Easily Marp’s best at bat all game. Did he see more pitches than his first 3?

What’s with the Jets fan behind home? Is he a redditor?

Wooh. Umps been calling that a strike all day but I’ll take it. 3-2 count on Adams.

Blah. Some good. Mostly bad in that game.

Yadi looked good. Waino settled in. Gave up a couple on a grounder and a bloop. Too many Ks. Especially looking or on check swings. Need more from Adams and Wong. Lost Pham to another injury 1 inning in. Someone bubble wrap Yadi and Waino on off days.



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