Better Know a Cardinal: Marcell Ozuna

By far the biggest move the Cardinals have made this offseason was trading for Marcell Ozuna from the Miami Marlins.

He may have been the consolation prize to Giancarlo Stanton, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t one hell of a prize. And unlike Giancarlo, Ozuna is excited to play baseball in St. Louis.

So let’s Better Know him. Continue reading “Better Know a Cardinal: Marcell Ozuna”


5 Cardinals That Could be on the Move at the Trade Deadline

The MLB trade deadline is Monday, July 31st at 3 PM Central Time. For the first time in years it’s unsure where exactly the St. Louis Cardinals will fall on the buyer / seller spectrum.

On one hand they’re only 3.5 game out of first place. On the other they haven’t been over .500 since June 1st and seem to be more than one big name away from being a legit contender1. Continue reading “5 Cardinals That Could be on the Move at the Trade Deadline”


Notes From The Pine: Home Cooking with Adam Wainwright

Adam Wainwright has been having an up and down season. At times he has been great. Other times he has been awful.

Adam is still getting wins. He’s 11-5 to Carlos Martinez’s 6-8. Despite an ERA 2 runs higher (5.08 to 3.36). Thanks in part to leading all pitchers (min, 20 PA) in slugging (.444) and RBIs (10). Fun fact: Carlos is second in RBIs with 7. Continue reading “Notes From The Pine: Home Cooking with Adam Wainwright”


Who Should Bat Third for the St. Louis Cardinals in the Second Half

We’re at the All-Star break and this time it, thankfully, didn’t count.

To no one’s surprise Aaron Judge destroyed some baseballs in the homerun derby.

Watching Judge and Stanton crush balls made it even more clear that the St. Louis Cardinals are missing that big bat in the 3-hole. A spot that was manned by Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday for the better part of two decades.

So who do the Birds turn to after the All-Star break to hopefully finally stabilize the heart of the order? Continue reading “Who Should Bat Third for the St. Louis Cardinals in the Second Half”


Jedd Gyorko: MLB All-Star Game Snub

Let’s be honest, this season is not going to plan for the St. Louis Cardinals. Matt Carpenter was going to be the 3-hitter. Matt Adams was going to get a look in the outfield due to his bat. Dexter Fowler was going to make the Cardinals fun again. Adam Wainwright was going to return to ace form. And Jedd Gyorko was going to battle for playing time between Kolten Wong and Jhonny Peralta. Continue reading “Jedd Gyorko: MLB All-Star Game Snub”


Notes From The Pine: A Tale of Two Birds

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Let’s go back in time a couple weeks. Back on June 6 the St. Louis Cardinals allowed Scooter Gennett to become the 17th player in the history of Major League Baseball to join the 4 homerun club. He of 42 career homeruns. The next lowest career homerun total on the list belongs to Bobby Lowe who joined the list in 1894 with the Boston Beaneaters1. Lowe had 71 career homers. Continue reading “Notes From The Pine: A Tale of Two Birds”


Attack of the Killer Innings

Remember back in the day when the St. Louis Cardinals had to worry about the dreaded “Lynning“? Lance Lynn would be speeding through the opponent’s lineup. Then something wouldn’t go his way, maybe a walk or a bloop hit, and the wheels would fall off. After the inning was over things would return to normal, but with the Cardinals at a sudden disadvantage on the scoreboard. Continue reading “Attack of the Killer Innings”


The Kozma Line: A Look at the 2017 St. Louis Cardinals Offense

The 2017 St. Louis Cardinals offense has been streaky. They started out flat, hit a decent stride after 3 consecutive 2-1 victories over the Pittsburgh Pirates, and bottomed out recently putting up 6 total runs over 3 13 innings games. Wasting 9 innings of shutout ball by Carlos Martinez and 8 innings of 1 run ball from Lance Lynn against Clayton Kershaw. Then culminated by getting shutout 10-0 at Coors Field. Continue reading “The Kozma Line: A Look at the 2017 St. Louis Cardinals Offense”


Get Your Birds On

There’s a new St. Louis Cardinals inspired shirt up between VFTP and the fine folks at Cotton Bureau1. It’s only available until April 10th so get it while you can.

I’m excited to have them producing the shirt. I’ve bought some shirts off Cotton Bureau myself before and it is one of my favorites. Comfy and fits great. Plus it holds up after being washed countless times. Continue reading “Get Your Birds On”