Better Know Some Cardinals: The Jaime Garcia Trade Haul

Better Know Some Cardinals - Jaime Garcia Trade Haul

The St. Louis Cardinals traded Jaime Garcia to the Atlanta Braves for John “Not that Gant” Gant, Chris “Not that1 Ellis” Ellis, and Luke “Yes, that Dykstra” Dykstra. In order to help you better know all 3 we’ve got a special group edition of our Better Know a Cardinal series.

John Gant

John Gant is the one player from the trade that has been on a Major League team. Although that team being last year’s Braves I use the term Major League experience lightly. But at least he faced Major League competition.

Gant threw 50 innings with the Braves last year over 7 starts and 20 total appearances2. There’s a good chance we see the righty out of the bullpen in 2017.

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Chris Ellis

Chris is a another right handed pitching prospect. He was originally acquired by the Braves as part of the Andrelton Simmons deal. He spent 2016 between AA and AAA posting a 4.49 ERA (2.75 in AA and 6.52 in AAA) and 126 strikeouts over 146.1 innings.

Fangraphs expects Ellis to see time in St. Louis in 2017.

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Chris is the biggest Twitterer of the haul and sports a lovely Trailer Park Boys cover photo. So you know he’s down to party.

Chris Ellis Twitter cover photo

Luke Dykstra

Luke has only climbed as high as A ball at this part, but he’s slashed .300/.335/.385 over his brief career3.

Fangraph’s doesn’t seem overly high on him sprouting praise like:

Despite his terrific low-level performance, scouts are skeptical about Dykstra’s swing playing at upper levels and few are confident in his ability to sustain this success.

Luke is the son of Lenny Dykstra, who was recently on Howard Stern talking about his preferred method for, uhhhh, mouth stuff.

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Luke doesn’t have much of a Twitter preference. He’s probably on the SnapChat with the rest of the youths. While his Twitter isn’t very active he does have an excellent bio:

They call me the kid. My hobbies include grinding, sign language, and getting huge in the weight room.

There you have it. The 3 players acquired from the Atlanta Braves for Jaime Garcia.

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