Picks From The Pine: 2016 NFL Week Twelve

Ben Roethlisberger Turkey

It’s a big week for turkey and Thursday NFL football this week with 3 games taking place on Thanksgiving Day. In honor of the big day we’re switching up the format for the picks this week going with 3 Games of the Week and a Dealer’s Choice pick.

After last week, the standings are getting bunched at the top with David (23), Steve (22), and Tim (21) all within striking distance of taking over first. While Jason (18) lingers in the shadows, waiting for his opportunity to strike1.

On to this week’s picks.

Game of the Week #1: Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions

Jason: Around week 6 I thought too myself, “The Lions seems like they actually could not be terrible this year. Too bad the Vikings seem legit and the Packers will compete, and the Lions will Lion it up.” Well, 5 weeks later and the Packers and the Vikings have Lioned it up and the Lions are tied for 1st.

Pick: Detroit Lions

Tim: Winner takes over first place in the mediocre NFC North division. The Lions have not won the division since 1993. And with the Packers imploding and the Bears a dumpster fire, it’s theirs for the taking this year. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Pick: Minnesota Vikings

David: The Vikings are going to payback the Lions for beating them at home in overtime two weeks ago. Stafford is going to take home the gobbling gobbler award or whatever that thing is.

Pick: Minnesota Vikings

Steve: Vikings broke their losing streak but I’m going with Detroit at home.

Pick: Detroit Lions

Game of the Week #2: Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys

Jason: The Cowboys are 9-1. They’re feeling good. Their fans are feeling good. Complacency creeps in against a pretty good Washington team and Dallas derps away a game. Jerry Jones freaks out, reinstalls Romo at QB, and the Cowboys finish 11-5.

Pick: Washington Redskins

Tim: After playing the Sunday night game last week, the Redskins have to travel and play on Thursday afternoon. Washington is certainly not thankful for the person in charge of NFL scheduling.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys

David: “You like Dak…” is what Kirk Cousins is going to say to make himself laugh after crying in the shower after losing to the Cowboys who will win 10 straight.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys

Steve: I’ll take Jerrys boys in this one. Still don’t believe too much in the Redskins.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys

Game of the Week #3: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Indianapolis Colts

Jason: The Steelers seem like a different team on the road. The Colts are somehow within striking distance of first place despite having no o-line and no defense. One problem, that lack of an o-line has left them without Andrew Luck. I think the Steelers can overtake a bad team on the road with a bad QB. Bad team with a good QB? Maybe not.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

Tim: It’s a home game for the Colts, but I expect there will be a ton of Steelers fans that make the trip. Somehow the Colts are only a game out of first place. I don’t like Scott Tolzien’s chances against the Steelers’ D, assuming Andrew Luck is out.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

David: Originally picked Indy here until I remembered Luck is out this week. Big Ben can beat whoever the Colts backup is.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

Steve: Indy is not good. Especially without Luck.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

Dealer’s Choice

Jason: New England Patriots @ New York Jets

I’m way behind in the standings. I need an easy win to go my way. Which means the Jets are going to pull off the upset. Sorry Matt Damon.

Pick: New England Patriots

Tim: Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans Saints

I’m ashamed to say it, but I watched the entire Rams game last weekend and it was 3 hours of my life I wished I had back. But Jared Goff making his debut sparked my curiosity. I didn’t realize that Goff was going to “manage” the game, in which he only threw five passes over 10 yards. The Saints will put some points on the board, and Goff will have to make some actual throws.

Pick: New Orleans Saints

David: Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos

Justin Houston is going to stop Denvers run game, and the Broncos will be forced to throw it, which won’t turn out well.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs

Steve: Carolina Panthers @ Oakland Raiders

Raiders are coming off of their win in Mexico, and the Panthers are just about to make their run. Just like my 1-10 fantasy football team.

Pick: Carolina Panthers

  1. Ed: It’s not going to happen.


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