Picks From The Pine: NFL Week Nine

It is getting ever more difficult to pick 2 games of the week. There seems to be 1, “Eh that game could be ok” game and a bunch of “Why would I watch that game” matchups each week. This week we’re going with Denver at Oakland in what has to be the latest point in a season the Raiders have had a chance to take sole possession of 1st place since the Rich Gannon days. Rich Gannon is that even right? Or am I mixing up the last name with the bad guy from Zelda?

That’s how forgettable the Raiders have been. On to the pick!

David: 17
Steve: 15
Tim: 13
Jason: 12

Game of the Week #1: Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders

Jason: I doubted the Broncos defense early in the season and paid the price. I’m doubting the Raiders offense against the Broncos defense now. Even after Carr put up 500+ yards on my bench last week. A lot of those yards came after being pushed back by the Raiders’ NFL record 23 penalties. With all the negated yards Carr probably threw for closer to 6 or 7-hundred. I don’t think Von Miller let’s you get off as easy with that many penalties.

Pick: Denver Broncos

Steve: Derek Carr hype train! Choo choo bitch! Also, this will be a lock if Jason doesn’t start Carr in fantasy.

Pick: Oakland Raiders

David: I see the Broncos defense sucking in this one. Oakland has a lot of weapons on offense. Derek Carr > Trevor Siemian.

Pick: Oakland Raiders

Tim: Denver may have the defensive advantage, but Derek Carr has put up ridiculous numbers so far, with 17 TD and only 3 picks. At 6-2, the Black Hole finally has something to be excited about, until they move to Las Vegas in 2 months.

Pick: Oakland Raiders

Game of the Week #2: Buffalo Bills @ Seattle Seahawks

Jason: Seattle is just really “meh” this year. Their defense is good, but their offense is garbage. Still they’ll probably win, but I’m going with Buffalo to try to make up ground. If Lesean McCoy doesn’t play though, the Bills have no chance.

Pick: Buffalo Bills

Steve: I like Seattle to win at home in this one. That is the basis of my argument.

Pick: Seattle Seahawks

David: Seattle’s offense has been atrocious as of late. I expect that to continue with a decent Buffalo defense even at home. 12th man wont’ be a factor the 4th quarter of the game because most of them will have left by then.

Pick: Buffalo Bills

Tim: Anyone else noticed the odd match-ups in the Monday night games recently? Cardinals vs. Jets; Texans vs. Broncos; and now we have Bills vs. Seahawks. Whenever I think of the “All My Rowdy Friends Are Here For Monday Night” song, it’s never followed by Bills vs. Seahawks. Anyways, the Bills gave their fans some excitement with that 4 game winning streak, but now they’re back to .500 and in their normal spot behind the Patriots.

Pick: Seattle Seahawks

Lock of the Week

Jason: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City Chiefs

The Jaguars are just plain awful. Blake Bortles is the garbage time King because he’s always in garbage time. The Chiefs put Jamaal Charles on IR, but it shouldn’t matter except for David’s fantasy team.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs

Steve: Indianapolis Colts @ Green Bay Packers

This is the most unsure lock I’ve decided to make, because I could also see Indy destroying them.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

David: Dallas Cowboys @ Cleveland Browns

I don’t really feel like I need to explain myself here. But, the Browns suck, and Dak is pretty damn good.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys

Tim: Dallas Cowboys @ Cleveland Browns

Remember that time in the summer/fall of 2016 when Cleveland was the center of the sports world? What a magical time that was. Those days are over. More tears to come on Sunday in the Factory of Sadness.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys

Upset of the Week

Jason: Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings

Sam Bradford is the kryptonite for NFL offensive coordinator’s careers. What is he averaging now like 1.25 offensive coordinator’s a season? I keep thinking the Lions are sneaky good and then they go out and lose. This week will probably be the same. But maybe not…

Pick: Detroit Lions

Steve: Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers

Marcus Mariota! Sure why not?

Pick: Tennessee Titans

David: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City Chiefs

I feel like I pick JAX to upset everyone they play, so I’m going to continue the streak.

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars

Tim: Carolina Panthers @ Los Angeles Rams

I’m not happy with myself for making this pick. But the Rams are coming off a bye, and they have won the game following their bye in two of the last three years. Carolina looked good last week, but they beat Arizona who had a grueling game against Seattle on Sunday night, then had to fly across the country for a game on the East coast at noon. So I’m not buying in that the Panthers are back.

Pick: Los Angeles Rams


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