St. Louis Blues Drinking Game: Playoff Edition

The Blues are hosting the Los Angeles Kings in the playoffs for the second straight year, and we’re helping out the only way we know how, by drinking. Lots.

You can follow us live during the game below or using the tag #BlueNoteDrinking on Twitter.

Let’s get right into things.


Shot on goal – 1 drink.

Penalty on Blues – 1 drink.

Any Pangerism – 2 drinks.

Powerplay Everyone does the Powerplay dance. Last person to go drinks.

Blues Goal – 5 drinks/shots!

Blues Goal the second you look away from the TV – Finish drink

1 drink for every Vinson on the screen at any time.

Bonus rule: Reflection from Ray Vinson’s teeth blinds a waitress and causes her to spill a plate of nachos – Finish your drink.

Mullet on screen – 1 drink. (Only one. It is hockey and we have to work tomorrow.)

Fight – 5 drinks.

Reaves fight – Drink until the fight is over.

Fantasy Drinking – Everyone picks 1 player at the beginning of the game. Give out 2 drinks for an assist and 5 drinks for a goal.

Tie game at end of regulation – Finish your beer.

Blues Victory – Shots!


In overtime, drinks multiple by the overtime period. So if second overtime multiply drinks above by 2.

Fantasy Drinking – Give 10 if your player scores.

Drink double for every Vinson on screen.

Blues Victory – Shots!


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