Rejected St. Louis Cardinals Nicknames

The 2013 season is well under way and you’ve probably been finding yourself at a loss for words when cheering on your favorite Cardinals. We here at View From The Pine have compiled a helpful list of nicknames for the 2013 season. Feel free to shout them at ballpark, but be prepared for the onslaught of high fives you will surely receive. Birds.

Kozma Kramer

Pete Kozma Kramer

This one carries over from Petey Kozma Kramer’s big finish to the 2012 season.

Suggested use: Following a hit shout, “Kozma Kramer!”

Related phrases: “Giddy up, little buddy!”

Eddie “Money” Mujica

Eddie Money Mujica

With Boggs routinely getting shelled. Eddie “Money” Mujica has taken over as closer. He’s looked nasty his last few outings, earning the “Money” nickname with a 2 out, 3 pitch save to cap off Waino’s gem against Washington.

Suggested use: Follwing a save. “Mujicia was Money last night.”

Related phrases: Take me home tonight!”

David “Mr.” Freese


I’m almost positive this picture drove David Freese’s amazing 2011 playoff run. Just look at this tweet:


That’s right. You guys are welcome.*

Suggested use: “What killed the dinosaurs? FREESE!”

Related phrases: Pretty much any Arnold line from 1997’s Batman & Robin.

Allen “Craigerator”


Kegerator. Craigerator. Get it? Both awesome things.

Suggested use: Anytime you see Craig shout, “Craigerator!” and chug a beer.

Related phrases: “Tap the Craigerator!”

“Magic” Mike Matheny


magic mike matheny

Ole Mike knows how to work a lineup card. Am I right, ladies?

Suggested use: “Magic Mike has moves like a waterbed.”

Related phrases: “Magic Mike is pulling a double switch.” Or pretty much anything else that could be mistaken for a terrible innuendo.

Matt Adams “Bomb”


Matt Adams is pretty much the most destructive force a pitcher could see coming up to the plate at this point.

Suggested use: Pretty much anytime Adams comes to the plate at this point.

Related phrases: “Come on Matt, drop another ‘Adams’ bomb”.


*I take no credit for the events of 2011. Go Birds.


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