4 Big Games For The Rams in 2013-14

The NFL released team schedules for the 2013-14 season last Thursday, and rewarded the Rams’ most competitive season in recent memory with their first Monday night game since 2006. Which they lost to the Bears 42-27. The Rams get the Seattle Seahawks at home in this one, so let’s hope they can carry over their tough play against NFC West opponents.

Here’s 4 big games to watch in 2013-14.

Game 2St. Louis Rams at Atlanta Falcons

This one is huge because it’ll be the first  (possibly only) time Steven Jackson will play against his former team, and it starts off a tough stretch that will see the Rams travel to Atlanta and Dallas only to be greeted at home by the 49ers. At least those games are sandwiched between home games against Arizona and Jacksonville.

Game 4: St. Louis Rams vs San Francisco 49ers

The Rams will have their first NFC West test of the season at home in primetime on Thursday night. Sure they play Arizona to start off the season, but that’s basically a freebie.* I’ll tell you the same thing I told a drunk 49ers fan at 2 AM at Chicago Cheesesteak in Springfield, “Sure Kaepernick has beat Brady, Rodgers and Brees, but he’s never beaten Sam Bradford. So how good can he really be?” Plus there will be more of this.

Harbaugh losing his shit

Game 8: St. Louis Rams vs Seattle Seahawks

The Rams get to host Seattle for their first Monday night game since 2006, and if they’re competitive through the first 7 games the Dome should be plenty loud when the team I expect alot of people will pick to win the division comes to visit.

Game 17: St. Louis at Seattle Seahawks

The NFL certainly likes scheduling the Rams to finish the season at Seattle. This will make the third time in four years and the second in a row. This will likely be a meaningful game for one or both teams, and probably be better played than the 2010 version that saw Charlie Whitehurst edge Bradford and the Rams for the final playoff spot.

Full schedule

*(knocks on wood)


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