Where Are They Now: Rick Ankiel

Everyone’s favorite super-tan pitching sensation turned laser-armed outfielder is playing for the Cardinals Cast-offs in Houston these days. Well, aside from losing in Oakland* he’s doing his usual homer or strikeout deal, but damned if I still don’t root for him.


Check out the highlight at MLB.com since I can’t embed it.**

When he makes contact it’s sweet, but that has rarely happened this season as he’s sporting a sweet 5 for 28 for a .179 average with 3 homers, 9 RBIs and 20 Ks. That’s a .714 strikeout ratio which just so happens to also be his OPS. Which is, well, not terrible actually. Anyway I’ll give Rick the Stick a pass for the amazing throws in Colorado.

Which I can’t post a video of because the MLB has taken them all down off YouTube and when I finally found it on MLB.com I got a server error when I tried to actually open it. Has anyone dropped the ball on internet video as much as the MLB?

*I don’t know that for a fact. I just assume because it’s the Astros.



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