Free Agent Fan: Week 1

Los Angeles Rams

Since the Rams left town, I’ve decided to rethink my life and finally pick a new team. After over a decade of being subjected to the worst football imaginable, I’ve got a fresh start! I’m going to lock my Greatest Show on Turf memories in a little keepsake box and jettison all the other years into a black hole.

So each week, I’m going to pick a team, follow their game and analyze key points like their star players, ownership, bandwagon effect, etc. This will hopefully answer the question “Do I see myself as a drunk dude in their stadium?” Obviously, a very scientific process.

So, here we are at week 1. Who better to start off with than the Rams? They’re the team that got us here in the first place and I’ve subjected myself to their 7-9 bullshit for this long, what’s one more game? Also, this way I’ll do the analyzing for you. As Big Tom Callahan said, “I can get a hell of a good look at a T-Bone steak by sticking my head up a bull’s ass, but I’d rather take the butcher’s word for it.” So come along as we delve into a land of pure mediocrity! Continue reading “Free Agent Fan: Week 1”


Better Know a Ram: Wes Welker

With Steadman Bailey making his glorious return to the suspension list for partaking in illegal substances, the team went and dug up a relic in Wes Welker. With the hopes that Welker can turn around their awful 3rd down conversion rate. You may remember Wes Welker as the guy constantly trolling Rex Ryan about his interest in feet. Continue reading “Better Know a Ram: Wes Welker”

Rams vs. Washington in Gifs

The St. Louis Rams took care of business against an inferior team again by handing the Washington Colt McCoys their 10th loss of the season. The win marks the first time this season that the Rams have won in back-to-back weeks. They only have to wait until Thursday to try to extend the streak to 3 wins and reach .500 when they face the first-place Arizona Cardinals.

Now on to the gifs! Continue reading “Rams vs. Washington in Gifs”

A Funny Thing Happened This Sunday at the Rams Game

It was weird. The San Diego Chargers had just taken a 10 point lead after the Rams turned a 10 – 6 lead into a 20 – 10 deficit in about 30 seconds of game time. Same Old Rams, right? But that’s not the thought that popped into my head. What crept in was the thought that the Rams could still pull this off. Then they did score, and they did cut the Chargers lead to 3. Continue reading “A Funny Thing Happened This Sunday at the Rams Game”


Preview: Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams – Bruce Arians Die Hard Edition

The Rams are set to kick off the 2013 season Sunday vs the Arizona Cardinals in St. louis. Buzz is high in St. Louis for the NFL’s youngest team, which got alot younger after losing Steven Jackson to the Falcons in the offseason and replacing him with second year player Daryl Richardson.

Meanwhile the Cardinals hired Bruce Arians to take over as their coach. Bruce is best known from his run as the interim coach for the Indianapolis Colts last season, and for playing the bomb tech in 1995’s Die Hard: With a Vengeance.

Bruce Arians Die Hard With a Vengeance

If there’s one thing we know about Bruce it’s that he’ll try his best to defuse a bomb, even if it turns out to just be syrup because the German soldier with a bone to pick wouldn’t blow up a school, he’s just in it for the money.

Below we’ve created a game to help you differentiate between Bruce Arians and that guy who defused the bomb in Die Hard: With a VengeancePick which are Bruce and which are Die Hard.

[envira-gallery id=”1335″]

Trick question. They’re all Bruce.

On to the preview. Continue reading “Preview: Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams – Bruce Arians Die Hard Edition”