Nick Foles vs the NFC West

As Nick Foles looks to become the first St. Louis Rams’ player to make the Pro Bowl since CPA turned quarterback Marc Bulger, one thing we know for certain is that he’ll be facing the tough defenses of the NFC West 6 times a season. How has he fared against them so far in his career? Let’s take a look.

Arizona Cardinals


Pretty decent numbers against Arizona over the last two years. A little more efficient in 2013 throwing 3 TDs on 33 attempts compared to throwing 2 TDs on 62 attempts in 2014. But Arizona’s defense wasn’t as stout in 2013 as it was in 2014 either so the numbers dropping a bit is expected. Not bad numbers.

San Francisco 49ers


Foles has only faced off against the 49ers once in his career to this point, and the numbers were not great. Only a 48.8% completion percentage on 43 attempts and wasn’t able to break 200 yards. No TDs and 2 interceptions is also not a stat you want to see in there. Obviously it is a very small sample size.

Seattle Seahawks

Foles has yet to face the Seahawks in his brief career. He missed their 2014 meeting with a broken collarbone. Which the Eagles lost with Sanchize in at QB. Of course at this point they’re probably the toughest of the NFC West defenses Foles will have to face in 2015.

What’s this all mean? Not a lot really. He’s had some success against the Cardinals, but struggled with his one matchup with the 49ers and hasn’t had to take on the Seahawks. He’s obviously moving from Chip Kelly’s system that had him throw 62 times against Arizona last season to a system where that would be very unlikely to happen again.

Foles is going to have to prove himself capable of playing against the top defenses offered by the NFC West if the Rams hope to compete for the division in 2015.


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