Better Know a Ram: Wes Welker

With Steadman Bailey making his glorious return to the suspension list for partaking in illegal substances, the team went and dug up a relic in Wes Welker. With the hopes that Welker can turn around their awful 3rd down conversion rate. You may remember Wes Welker as the guy constantly trolling Rex Ryan about his interest in feet.

Welker is a former Patriot1 and is potentially one big hit from forgetting who he is, and becoming Danny Amendola2. Speaking of Danny Amendola, Wes Welker is essentially the Windows XP to Amendola’s Windows Vista. Vista was suppose to be better than XP, but it never really worked out and people keep using XP despite it being one big bug from blowing up entirely.

In joining the Rams, Welker becomes the teams career leader in receptions, yards, touchdowns, and basically any and all receiving stats. I didn’t actually look that up, but do I really need to? Welker also adds Nick Foles to the list of mediocre quarterbacks he has worked with which includes Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and whoever the hell was quarterback for the Dolphins in 20053 & 20064.

You may also remember Wes Welker as the guy that had a back breaking drop in the Patriots Super Bowl XLVI loss to the Giants5. He should fit right in.

The Rams are obviously looking to gain insight from Welker into ways the Patriots may be cheating when the two teams surely square off in Superbowl 50 this February.

  1. Strike 1.
  2. Strike 2.
  3. Gus Frerotte
  4. Joey Harrington & Daunte Culpepper
  5. Strike 3.


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