Better Know Some Cardinals: The Jaime Garcia Trade Haul

The St. Louis Cardinals traded Jaime Garcia to the Atlanta Braves for John “Not that Gant” Gant, Chris “Not that1 Ellis” Ellis, and Luke “Yes, that Dykstra” Dykstra. In order to help you better know all 3 we’ve got a special group edition of our Better Know a Cardinal series.

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Better Know a Ram: Wes Welker

With Steadman Bailey making his glorious return to the suspension list for partaking in illegal substances, the team went and dug up a relic in Wes Welker. With the hopes that Welker can turn around their awful 3rd down conversion rate. You may remember Wes Welker as the guy constantly trolling Rex Ryan about his interest in feet. Continue reading “Better Know a Ram: Wes Welker”