Better Know a Ram: Wes Welker

With Steadman Bailey making his glorious return to the suspension list for partaking in illegal substances, the team went and dug up a relic in Wes Welker. With the hopes that Welker can turn around their awful 3rd down conversion rate. You may remember Wes Welker as the guy constantly trolling Rex Ryan about his interest in feet. Continue reading “Better Know a Ram: Wes Welker”


The NFL is Back

September is here. We’ve got the Birds in a pennant race chasing the Pirates and trying to hold off the Reds, and football is back. That means every Sunday for the next 20 weeks we’ve got meaningful football. Then a week break before the Super Bowl. Oh and Harbaugh’s yelling at stuff.

While, here at View From The Pine, we’re pumped to watch the Rams continue their rise from mediocrity. (See the Spagnuolo Era) We’re also just glad to have the NFL back. Following are some random thoughts (and gifs) while watching the game. Continue reading “The NFL is Back”