Where Are They Now? – Marc Bulger

Welcome to the first installment of the “Where Are They Now?” series, a series in which we will take you down memory lane with alumni players from our beloved Missouri/STL sports teams and do our best attempt at finding out what they are up to nowadays.

I’ve done my best Googling for the inaugural article in attempt to find out what former Rams QB, Marc Bulger, is up to now. As many of you know, Bulger was basically a quarterback in an accountant’s body. He didn’t really resemble a football player, but he played for 11 seasons in the NFL, throwing for 22,814 yards with 122 TDs and 93 INTs. He was elected to 2 Pro Bowls, one of which he was named the Pro Bowl MVP.

Now after extensive research, (a.k.a. numerous failed attempts at rephrasing my google search of “Where is Marc Bulger now”) there wasn’t much I could find following his retirement back in 20111.

Here’s what I could dig up on ol’ crazy legs Bulger. In 2013, he was a team captain on Golf Channel’s “Big Break NFL”, a competition reality show where former NFL players team up with young hopeful professional golfers and compete for charity and other prizes. With only having a 4 handicap, Bulger’s not too shabby at golf.

Just under a year ago, he put his St. Louis house on the market for a pretty penny, listing it for chump change at $7.5 million, only $4 million more than what he purchased it for. No idea if it sold for that much but its apparently back on the market again for the low price of $8.5 million.

Other than that, it appears Bulger is still pretty active with his foundation that supports members of the military, fire and police personnel. He’s also married and has two kids and resides2 in Sarasota, Florida

All and all, Marc Bulger was a pretty decent QB in my book. He was under center the last time the Rams made the playoffs. He also did some things you may have not known about. For example, reaching 1,000 career completions faster than anyone in NFL history3. Or that he holds the record for most passing yards ever in a quarterback’s first 5 starts. I will leave you with the last thing you may have not known about Bulger, he was a great actor.


So here’s to you Marc Bulger. Keep on… keeping on.

  1. Now once we really take off here at VFTP, the alumni from our favorite teams will be contacting us left and right to be featured in such a prestigious website. Until then, we’re going to stay professional and continue writing poop jokes and whatnot into our content.  Cause damn it, we’re… journalists?
  2. Or resided. I can’t really be sure at this particular juncture.
  3. He achieved this milestone in just 45 games, 3 less than Peyton Manning and 4 less than Dan Marino.


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  1. Tim Schulte Avatar
    Tim Schulte

    I find that “quarterback in an account’s body” remark to be very offensive.

    1. David Evans Avatar
      David Evans

      Not all accountants can be as swoll as you, Mr. Schulte. You’re an enigma. No offense was intended.


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