2013 world series

  • Boston, like many playoff teams before them, have embraced growing beards. Like literally everyone else these days. Yet everyone is treating Boston like they’re special for growing beards. Well we here at View From the Pine don’t think Boston is special (although Jonny Gomes may be), and we’re going to expose these Boston beards for […]

  • By now you’ve seen the photo of one of Boston’s golden sons and future Batman, Ben Affleck, switching allegiances and donning the Birds on the Bat. If not, welcome to the Internet. If you’re looking for the gifs, they’re over there, and if you’re looking for cats, they’re everywhere. It turns out celebrities behave a […]

  • It’s the top of the 9th, elimination game. You’re team is down 2 runs. You’ve got to do what you can. So you knock on the table twice, and toss back your 3rd, maybe 4th rally shot. Who’s counting? Suddenly with 2 outs and 2 strikes in the 9th, the ball gets launched in to […]