Boston Celebrities Are Hopping Ship

Matt Damon how do you like apples

By now you’ve seen the photo of one of Boston’s golden sons and future Batman, Ben Affleck, switching allegiances and donning the Birds on the Bat. If not, welcome to the Internet. If you’re looking for the gifs, they’re over there, and if you’re looking for cats, they’re everywhere.

Ben Affleck in a Cardinals ShirtIt turns out celebrities behave a lot like lemmings chasing the next trend, and that trend is dropping their Boston fandom to cheer on the St. Louis Cardinals. I mean can you blame them? Have you seen Michael Wacha pitch?

Matt Damon

Matt Damon how do you like applesLeave it to Matt Damon to follow Ben Affleck’s every whim. The Oscar winner is riding Affleck’s coattails once again by hopping on the Birds bandwagon. How do you like dem apples, Boston?

Mark Wahlberg

mark wahlberg cardinals tattooMale model and white rapper, Mark Wahlberg, has also hopped on the Cardinals bandwagon. Sporting the Birds on the Bat in ink. No word yet on if his brother Donnie was joining him. He couldn’t be found for comment.

Samuel Adams

matt adams lagerEven Boston’s beloved Samuel Adams beer has switched over to the Birds with a special World Series edition of their beer line. It’s no Budweiser, but they can’t all be the King.

Waiting in the VIP area of the bandwagon to welcome all his new celebrity brethren is long-time Cardinals fan and dream boat Jon Hamm. Just look at that playoff beard.

Jonn Hamm has the greatest Cardinals playoff beard


See Boston, that’s a beard.

You guys can keep Dane Cook though.



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